Christmas In Poland

By Steven Staggs

Christmas Food Traditionals in Poland

Some food that polish people eat on Christmas is chocolate atole, champurrado, arroz dulce, rice, sweets, fish like carp or pike, barszcz, beetroot soup, mushroom soup, dumplings with mushrooms, krokiety, pancakes with mushrooms, and cabbage in breadcrumbs, fried in oil or in butter.

Poland Christmas Symbol

Some Christmas symbols in Polish are also called The First star, and the beautifully decorated Christmas tree just like we have in America.

What Poland's Christmas Symbols Stand For

The First star means a state in America to us, but in Poland it is supposed to mean their country. The beautiful decorated christmas tree means the birth of baby Jesus and their religion.
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What Decorations Poland Uses on Christmas

On their Christmas, they also use decorations such as Santa's, Christmas trees, and ornaments.
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Saying Merry Christmas in Poland

To say Merry Christmas in the Polish language, you have to say Wesołych Świąt. It’s pronounced wes ole ea cha iunt.
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Polish Christmas Traditions

Some Christmas traditions in Poland are fasting the feasting, then the Wigilia starts at the appearance of the First Star.

How Long Polish Christmas lasts

People in Poland Do Christmas, Christmas Eve, and Wigilia on December 24th, to December 25th.

Why Polish People celebrate Christmas

The people in Poland, celebrate, their Christmas from their religion, Catholicism. When talking about Poland, religion usually means being Catholic. About 90% of Poles are the Roman Catholic people , although this number may be overestimated as the statistics usually include people who were baptized Catholic even if they later abandoned the Church.

Christmas Music on Poland Christmas

Yes, there is music during a Poland Christmas. Some of the carols are Lulajze, Jezuniu, Najpiekniejsze, and Lutoslawski.

Goodies for Polish Santa

People in Poland also leave goodies for their Santa. They leave cookies, and milk.

The Weather in Poland

It is hot and humid on Christmas in Poland. You would be hot and sweaty if you were over there.

Exchanging Gifts In Poland

They can exchange gifts if they want to but it isn’t part of their tradition.

Polish Christmas Games

They do play Christmas games. They play the 12 dishes of Polish Christmas which, is a Polish Christmas.

Polish Christmas Tree

Firs were the most admired, but too many were chopped, so selling of those trees were banned. Presently, due to environmental concerns and because of improved technology, Poland Christmas trees are just like American trees but are usually artificial and can serve for many years and many Christmases.

Where Polish Santa Enters a House

The Polish Santa des come down a chimney too. The Polish Santa is named Mikolaj, or St. Nicholas, and it is on His feast day that kids receive presents. In some regions of Poland, Gwiazdor stands for Mikolaj on December 24th. In some parts of Poland, Baby Jesus acts as the main gift giver on Christmas, or Christmas Eve.

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