Welcome to Hogwars

A brochure about the wonderful school Hogwarts!

Classes at Hogwarts

We will show you two classes of Hogwarts and who the teacher are and how they act.

Transfiguration class with Professor McGonagall

Transfiguration ( changing a object into another world object) with Professor McGonagall. It is a very strict class and you have to practice if you want to move on than you have to practice to do cooler stuff. If you obey all the rules that this year at Hogwarts should go smoothly.

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This is Professor McGonagall class she is strict so follow the rules!

Potions Class with Snape

Snap has such a creepy room! It is located at one of the dungeons. In this class you will learn how to do different positions. He seems mean but who knows how we will treat you I guess it depends if he has a pass with your parents or if you just annoy him. So I would recommend staying on Snape's good side but you never know if he's nice or not... It may just surprise you! I guess you'll have to find out throughout the year
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Professor Snape's Class try to be on his good side

Interview with Hermoine and Harry Potter!!


My favorite memories is from when Harry and Ron saved me from the huge troll and we have become best friends ever since! Oh also when Harry, Ron and I went to try to save the Sorcerers Stone when I had to drink a different potion than Harry and had to go save Ron, it was sad but I felt brave and that was an amazing moment for me. But these are my memories from my first year! Don't do anything bad otherwise you won't be able to go to Hogwarts and that won't be good I'm glad I didn't get expelled!
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This is Hermione a very smart girl

Harry Potter

One of my favorite memories is when I found out I was a wizard that changed my life and it was a amazing change, I got to get away from the Dursley's and have real friends. Another one of my favorite memories is when Quirrell tried to kill me because my mother had given me a power, it was the power of love and that it gave me a protection. People at Hogwarts say I'm famous because I was the only one Voldemort couldn't defeat, people recognize me because of my lightning bolt scar

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Places at Hogwarts

Hagrid's house

Hagrid has a very small house. Hagrid is always in the mood for tea! It only has one room but he is only one person, he loves his home and I'm sure you will once you meet him and become friends! I recommend that you wear something you won't get to hot in because it's pretty stem at and hot because Hagrid is always making tea. Hagrid has been at Hogwarts for ages so that means he practically knows everything so if you have questions stop by Hagrid's house!

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The cafeteria they have such good food. They organize how you sit on which Hogwarts house you're in. It gets kind of confusing the first time on your way to the cafeteria but don't worry after a couple of days. I hope you make friends of it will get lonely probably. Anyway have a good year at Hogwarts
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