*strep throat*

10 ways you know , You know you have strep ?

* you can't eat anything because it hurts when you sallow your food

* typically headaches

* It will have gold balls in your throat

* You will have a fever

* A very rellale sign if you have white spots or red spots in your back of your mouth

* You will be very thristy for a drink

* IT will make ur very lousy

* Have pain in your neck and throat

* you will have a wheezy cough

What happen to you when you have strep?

* It cause

*scarlet fever


*skin and Soft tissue

Can strep kill you?

yes strep can kill you but the cause, strep that kill you is rare and if you have strep more then 5 days go to your doctors to get it look at you and give you some things to fix you up