Freedom Park Faculty and Staff Newsletter - April 16th

Georgia Milestones Testing Schedule

A Note From the Principal

I understand the pressure that some of you must feel as we begin this week of testing. I also know all the hard work you have put in throughout the year. I say to you, as I say to the students, this test does not define you. There are so many other great things about you. The test does not know that you have taken money out of your own pocket to ensure that your students have what they need. The test does not know that you have harassed your principals to open the school on a Saturday to ensure that you are prepared for your students next week (kidding). The test did not see you last week celebrate our students as the military child. It has not seen you spend countless hours just listening when someone needed a friend. The scores will return and they will be whatever they are. We are believing for an increase. However, regardless of the results, your hard work will continue to make a difference in the lives of our students. Relax and let's finish this year strong. #forthepark.
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Field Day

Field Day was postponed due to the promise of bad weather. Please stay tuned for updates.

Middle School Challenge Days

Wednesday, May 3rd, 9am to Thursday, May 4th, 4pm

345 42nd Street

Augusta, GA

Freedom Park Stem Day

Friday, May 5th, 9am

345 42nd Street

Augusta, GA