Linda Sue Park

By: Noah Reddick, Manuel Youssef, and Joshua Alvarado

Linda Sue Park's History

Linda Sue Park was born on March 21, 1961, in Urbana, Illinois. She grew up loving to read books and she grew up as a great author. The first thing she published was a little story in a newspaper when she was 4. Linda enrolled in Standford University and she got a degree in English. When she got older she wrote many books including Seesaw Girl, 39 Clues: Book 9, and A Long Walk To Water. In A Long Walk To Water she makes two stories in one. The first one is a character that is not real, but her story could happen. The second story is a true story about a boy that is trying to survive during war. All of her books teach a very important lesson.

We are the grand authors. We are the most awesome authors in the universe. No offense to Linda Sue Parks.