Keeping Up With The Kennedy

December 22, 2019- Issue 15

Miss Donaghey and Mrs. MacKay's Classes

Students worked together with their reading buddies on a STEM Activity. The students read Peter’s Chair and then planned and designed a chair for Peter using only 4 sheets of paper. Students had 10 minutes to work on this in their groups. The chair had to be at least 2 inches off the ground and had to hold “Peter”.
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Mrs. Huffstutler's Class

Students had an author visit from Brian Lies. They learned how he makes his books. He also gave them some tips to be successful writers.

Notes from the Nurse

The Note from the Nurse this month contains useful information about general winter safety, as well as sledding and skiing safety tips. There is also information about common winter issues such as dry skin and chapped lips, and the importance of increased water intake. Click on the download below to view. Enjoy!

PE News

Please click on the download to view a letter from Mr. Sasin about the upcoming PE unit

What if Your Child Refuses to go to School?

Check out the helpful hints below.


In the event that after-school activities are cancelled, please be aware that Kidsborough will also be cancelled. We apologize for the late notice yesterday. Future notices will include Kidsborough in the message as a reminder. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the main office or Mr. Rohwer.

Upcoming Events

January 2 First Day Back to School

Play Rehearsal

Kids for Peace

January 3 Play Rehearsal

January 6 Mallet Madness

January 8 Early Release

January 9 Play Rehearsal

January 10 Play Rehearsal

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