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Why go to Fiji??

First of all, its warm all of the time because its near the equator. Second, there is a LOT to do. From skydiving to surfing lessons, the island is jam packed with amazing activities. Finally you can go there with friends and have an amazing time.
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Fiji has been inhabited since the second millennium BC. When it was explored by British and Dutch troops in the 17th and 18th centuries, Fiji was taken over by Great Britain. Since that time, it has farmed sugarcane and there are plantations all over the island. "Fiji became independent on Oct. 10, 1970. In Oct. 1987, Brig. Gen. Sitiveni Rabuka staged a coup to prevent an Indian-dominated coalition party from taking power. The military coup caused an exodus of thousands of Fijians of Indian origin who suffered ethnic discrimination at the hands of the government.



  1. Protestant 55.4%
  2. Hindu 27.9%
  3. Roman Catholic 9.1%
  4. Muslim 6.3%
  5. Sikh 0.3%
  6. Other 0.3%
  7. None 0.7%


  1. English (official)
  2. Fijian
  3. Hindustani


  • 896,758


  • Capital city
  1. Suva pop.174,000
  • Total Area
  1. 7054 sq miles

Main Exports and Imports


  • Sugar, garments, gold, timber, fish, molasses, coconut
  • Manufactured goods, machinery and transport equipment, petroleum products, food, chemicals


Flights: First Class on Fiji Airlines and Frontier. "Our Business Class offers discerning travelers a unique and exclusive class of travel. On the ground, customers can enjoy dedicated check-in, increased baggage allowance, express airport lanes and access to lounge facilities at selected airports. In the air, Business Class customers enjoy three course fine dining, a range of fine wines, spirits, liqueurs and a selection of cheeses. With individual screens, Business Class customers can select from a full range of in-flight entertainment."

Cost: $3572.30


Lodging and Hotel

Hotel Name : The Westin Denarau Island Resort and Spa

Hotel Price: $2413 for a week

Our hotel offers free WiFi and a free breakfast. It also has a spa and my room has a balcony with a ocean view. "Luxuriously appointed, the stunning Regent and Royal Suites provide an inspiring haven for you to discover renewal. Relaxation comes easy with your own private balcony offering magnificent panoramic views of the resort’s lush gardens; palm fringed beach and the enchanting Pacific Ocean from your living room and private balcony." My hotel also offers a spa. "This award-winning Spa is beautifully designed to blend with nature. As one of the most sophisticated spas in Fiji, this carefully constructed facility features a beautiful authentic design, a lush and peaceful environment, luxurious spa amenities and renewing body treatments."



Day 1

Activity: Surfing Lesson

Description: Learning how to surf has never been easier. If you take this class, you will learn how to expertly surf in a matter of hours.

Cost: $500.00 for surfing lessons (for two people).

Length: 2 hours

Activity: Snorkeling

Description: Snorkel through the amazing Fiji reefs and see some beautiful sea creatures.

Cost: $200.00 for snorkeling (for two people).

Length: 2 hours

Day 2

Activity: Garden of the Sleeping Giant (Botanic Gardens)

Description: Visiting the beautiful botanic gardens and looking at native Fijian plants and flowers.

Cost: $10.84 (for two people)

Length: From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Activity: Zip Lining through the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Description: Zip lining

Cost: $204.84 (for two people)

Length: 3+ Hours

Day 3

Activity: Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool

Description: Getting submerged in a mud pool and soaking into a steaming hot spring.

Cost: $130.00 (for two people)

Length: ???????

Activity: Cooking Class

Description: Learn how to cook delicious Fijian treats.

Cost: $340.00 (for two people)

Length: 3 hours 30 minutes

Day 4

Activity: Sky Diving

Description: Jumping out of a fast moving plane at 25,000 ft.

Cost: $796.60 (for two people)

Length: 1 minute or 60 seconds

Activity: Lounging at the Beach

Description: Swimming in the cool ocean and perfect tan.

Cost: None

Length: ??????

Problems and Solutions


  1. Staying within my budget.
  2. Not wanting an early morning flight.
  3. Finding the price in my activities.
  4. Finding a good hotel (good service, cleanliness, good hospitality).
  5. Lost Luggage.


  1. Checking what prices are the cheapest.
  2. Getting an afternoon flight.
  3. Checking the whole website until you find the price.
  4. Reading the reviews and seeing what people think of the hotel.
  5. Check with the airport security and the customer service. Also, you can wait and see if the flight that might have took your luggage will be landing in your area soon.

Total Cost


I spent my money on food, flights, hotels, a rental car, and my activities that include sky diving, zip lining, going to a hot springs, snorkeling, and surfing.

Conclusion & Reflection

I chose to go to Fiji and the person that I would take is my best friend Erica Wong. Why I would choose to go to Fiji is because it is warm all of the time and a tropical paradise unlike cold, and snowy Colorado. Also, based on reviews, the natives are friendly and the food is delicious. Finally, there is a ton to do and the food is amazing.

I spent most of my money on the plane tickets. $3572.30 to be exact. The second most expensive thing was the hotel. Also, I spent a lot of money on my activities that consisted of snorkeling, sky diving, zip lining, etc. Because I had $10,000, I had lots of money to spend on my activities and stay in my budget. My final price came up to $9932.53.

One of the problems that I encountered while planning was the overbooked hotels and flights. This happens because of so many people wanting to fly to that place at once. I solved this problem by booking another airline and finding a new hotel. Another way that you could solve this would be to book the flight and hotel on another day of fly a day earlier or later.