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10 facts about Ebola

1. The Ebola virus is not waterborne or airborne 2. Spread of Ebola can happen through close contact when caring for ill persons. 3. With out proper cleaning and sterilization of medical equipment, Ebola can spread quickly. 4. Symptoms occur abruptly. 5. Ebola is one of many Hemorrhagic fevers. 6. The natural reservoir host of Ebola virus remains unknown. 7. Ebola is now more commonly called Ebola virus disease. 8. Case fatality rate for Ebola virus is 90%, according to the WHO. 9. Ebola is caused by an infection with a virus of the family Filoviridae. 10. Ebola virus can be transmitted to others through direct contact with blood or secretions and fluids of an infected person.

What region of Africa it's prevalent in? Is the region of Africa typically rich or poor?

Liberia is a region with Ebola. The region is Now a Liberia is very rich when it come to resource because the have oil, diamonds, gold, iron, ole, and rubber. But they are poorest nation in Africa and has one of the worst ghetto in the world.

Is it a major or minor disease there? Explain

How is Ebola impacting Africa?