St.Peter Museum of Inventions

Inventors of the Renaissance

1452- 1519 Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest inventors of all time but was never noticed for these because he wasn't supported by others in his work. His works were not noticed until many years later because of his written diagrams. Some of most known inventions were the Parachute, Machine gun, ball bearing and the diving suit.

1395- 1468 Johannes Gutenberg

Gutenberg is most known for his invention of the Gutenberg press which he later used to produce the Gutenberg Bible. He did not make a lot of money off this invention though because there were no patents and other people could copy his idea. His main job although was a gold smith not an inventor that is were he made his money.

1564- 1642 Galileo Galilei

Galileo was a great scientist who helped revolutionize science but also great inventions including improving the telescope which most people know him for. Although he didn't invent the telescope he did add many improvements which lead to the telescope we have today. He also had other inventions like the compass and others which he would make to support his family.

1627-1691 Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle had a huge influence on science because of his creation of Boyle's law and helping to start what is now modern day chemistry. One of his greatest inventions was the match which is a very important tool because before there was a match people would have to start fires with sticks or strike flint to steel. He created this invention by rubbing phosphorus and sulfur together creating a flame. This has overtime changed to be safer so that it would not start on fire by itself.

St. Peter Museum of Inventions