Coding Through the Curriculum

With Dash & Dot

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Today's Objectives:

I can...

* pair my robot with the iPad

* use coding to create paths for my robot

* present my coding creation with the group

* provide feedback to my peers

Meet the Robots


Kids can watch their virtual coding turn into tangible learning experiences in real time as Dash, with its performance and multiple sensors, interacts with and responds to its surroundings.
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Share in moments of wonder as you interact with Dot’s endearing personality while coding, creating, and customizing games and activities.
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The award-winning Cue robot is designed for kids who have an interest in coding. Cue will help them transition from block-based code to state-machine and text-based programming.
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The Apps

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Our Projects...

Water Cycle


Musical Fractions

Let's Get Coding!

Analyzing Poetry: A Dash of Haiku

This free lesson can be found on the Wonder Workshop website. You will need to create and account & log in. Click HERE to access it.
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Please Provide Us With Your Feedback


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Today's Presenters

Stephanie Smith

Instructional Technology Coach

Rutherford County Schools

Jennifer Buttrey

3rd Grade Teacher

Thurman Francis Arts Academy