Peek at the Week



Tuesday, 9/8, ILT Meeting: Morgan, Toller, Alexander, Collins, Miller, Wong, Plambeck, Smith, Brouhard

3-4:30 Library

Weds, 9/9

4/5 Grade Back to School Night


Weds, 9/9, 1:40-3:00, Room 10

First PD of the Year

Friday, 9/11

F & P Reading Record Completed Gr. 1-5

Monday, 9/21

3pm-4pm Faculty Meeting

Outcomes: PTA Budget and Allocations and Epi-Pen training for all staff

Tuesday, 9/22


PBIS/SEL Team- Wong, Sullivan, Alexander, Toller, Havenar, Smith, Cuny

Friday, September 18

SRI Assessment Done (grades 2-5 only)

SMI Assessment Done (grades 3-5 only)

Tuesday, September 29


Please complete an SST packet for students who need to begin the SST process. These can be turned in to Chelsea.

Things to Look Forward to....

Disability Awareness Month- March 2016

The PEC staff will be planning events and will be inviting community and teachers to help plan.

International Family Equality Day aka Family PRIDE Day, 4/29/16

This will replace our annual June event due to our big move in June

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

Aide Support During Reader's Workshop

Please turn in your weekly schedule to Linda by 9/11 . This will allow her allocate the instructional aides to your classrooms during Reader's Workshop.

In addition, please upload them here:

Professional Development This Week

This week we will have our first professional development for the year from 1:40-3:00 in Room 10.

The ILT will be finalizing the agenda on Tuesday, but plan for at least the following topics:

1) The New Teacher Growth and Development System (TGDS) which replaces our old evaluation system and our old goal setting process.

2) Illuminate Data System: John will teach us how to enter in our data to our new district database. Bring your F & P data!

Professional Learning Communities AKA PLCs Resume This Week

Your ILT Lead Teacher and Linda will be leading your PLCs this week.

Please check your prep. schedule to see when your PLC time is (versus your prep.)

Your Grade level lead teacher will tell you where your team will meet as Linda no longer has a meeting space for teams.

We are one of the few schools in Oakland where teachers have two preps and PLC time embedded into their instructional day. Please honor this by being on time to your PLC.

Narrative Writing Unit

At this point, you should have started the Narrative Writing Unit.

Here's some examples of great practices going on around Glenview supporting the Narrative Unit.

Modeled Writing

Ms. Sullivan started her lesson with modeled writing about a small moment. You can also see how she modeled re-reading and editing.
Big image

Anchor Charts

Mr. Alexander's anchor chart will help his students to remember how to plan for writing. By leaving this up in his room, he and his students can refer back to this throughout the Fall. In the Lucy Calkins writing unit curriculum, there are tons of examples of anchor charts that are student friendly.
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Look For's This Week - Teaching Points

Some of you have had teaching points up, others are still getting started on these this year. This week when I come in your room, I will be looking for Teaching Points up for all lessons. (What is your objective?) and I will be looking for your daily schedule. You may hear me asking students, "What are you doing right now?"



Continue to deepen your Toolbox practices in your classroom. Now that you and your students are becoming more comfortable with the Tools, you can find teachable moments to integrate them into your day.

In addition, continue to use the curriculum in your Toolbox Primer and online.

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Teachable Moments

Everything you do with your students can become intentional and meaningful if you are well planned. In Ms. Wong's class students fill out their own homework plans for the week. This teaches them time management, helps them understand her plan for the week and helps them build organizational skills for upper grades.
Big image

PE Minutes & Social Emotional Skill Development

All three 5th grade teachers had their students outside doing PE this week. More importantly than meeting the required 200 PE minutes, all three teachers were engaging with students who were having conflict and frustration with peers during the games. Again, these are all opportunities to help our kids learn important skills.
Big image

Moving Bodies- Operations & Logistics

Class Newsletters- Copy Due by 9/14

By September 14, I would like to view a copy of each class's weekly newsletter or you can send me a link to your online version.

Please upload your newsletter into this folder in our Teacher Handbook. If you don't know how to upload something into the drive. Ask John to show you on his DTL Prep.

Faculty Meeting, Monday, 9/21

Faculty Meetings are held the second Monday of every month from 3 to 4pm. This month the first Monday was a holiday, this bumps the district union rep council meeting to the second Monday, so our meeting will be the third Monday of the month on 9/21

Technology Support- When Can you Get it?

As technology lead, John has been given extra prep. time to support teachers technology needs. He can help walk you set up your overhead projector. He can teach you tricks for chromebook management. He can help you with SMI/SRI implementation.

If you need help, please ask John what time he can come in.

Because of this additional prep time, I have asked John NOT to leave his class to help colleagues anymore. If you are experiencing an urgent tech need, you will have to turn off your technology, come up with a Plan B. and schedule a time with John for support, but please do not call him in his classroom and have him leave his instructional plan for his students.

School Photos Coming

You should have received photo day schedules in your boxes. Photos are taken in the school garden. Please report to the garden with your class at your assigned time.

Students do not need to wear their uniforms on the day of their school photo shoot.

Wooden Slide Still Closed

The slide in front of the school needs more wood chips in order to be considered safe. The district is working on this, but we are keeping students off of this structure until it is fixed.