By:Louis Lowry Created by:Breana Lambert

The Giver Summary

A young boy named Jonas lives in a community were everything is managed by the chief elder. Jonas gets the opportunity to be the new receiver which get him to see memories past. The Giver is intelligent man who gives the memories to Jonas. Jonas faces many challenges when he is training to become The Receiver.


Jonas is a young boy who is very intelligent and likes to learn new things. Once Jonas receives the memories of the past he learns how feel emotion. Jonas does not think is right nobody can feel emotion like he can. Becoming the new receiver is very hard he must keep the memories to himself and know the terrible things the community has done.


''We gain conrol of many things. But we had to let go of others."

Teacher like questions

1. What the concepts of sameness?

2. Who would be the next receiver after Jonas left?

3.What the importance of snow in the Giver?


I give the giver a rating of 4 because it shows how to be brave when in a bad situation. The reason I didn't give a 5 is because I didn't show the intensity that I was looking for in the book.