Come To the Colonies

Greatness Swallows this land

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Hello There!

If you are reading this paper then you obviously want to try and find a better place to live. That place is here at the colonies. We have all of the types of climate you could wish for, mining, farming, ranching, artisan, and many more!

The Colonies That Are Colonial

Here are some great reasons that you'd have the right mind to come to the colonies!

Some of the things that all of the great colonies have in common for jobs are:

  • Trading
  • Farming
  • Logging
  • Artisan Jobs
  • And many other opportunities!
Some of the cultural religion in the great colonies is that:

  • Water was primarily used for transportation
  • Cutting down trees for farm areas, ship building, and settling
  • And many more!
Also, all of these amazing colonies are along the beautiful Atlantic ocean. You would be able to take a swim anytime every day in the beautiful sparkling oceans.

Some of the common landforms are:

  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • Appalachain Mountains

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The Old England Colony

This colony was the first colony that anyone settled in in America. In this colony, there is lots of room for opportunity. It is also one of the most popular. Some of the settlements are:

  • Massachusetts
  • And Connecticut
These are the two most popular settlements in the entire New England Colony!

Job Board of New England

The jobs of this colony include:

  • A little bit of farming
  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Ship Builder
  • Baker
  • Merchant/banking
  • And many more!!

There is also lots of fishing! So, if you like grilled salmon, then pack your bags and get on the first boat to the New England Colony. The only downside to this great colony is that it is cold there. So if you do not like cold winter nights inside of your cabin, then you do not want to live here. However, the Southern Colony has a much warmer climate and has the same amount of job opportunities.

Fun Fact

The New England Colony is the only colony that has a widespread job to fish.


The New England Colonies normally have Church every Sunday, they have a meetinghouse in the center of the town, have puritan religion, strict but open minded for religion, government, and ban slavery in Virginia and Massachusetts.


Some of the Settlements in the New England colony are:

  • Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • Providence
  • Connecticut
  • And many more!


The Climate of the New England Colony is normally cold and snowy so you will be able to play in the snow every single year in this colony. Also, the summers aren't too hot, or too cold so you'll have a blast the entire year in the New England Colony.


Some of the landforms in the New England Colony are:

  • The Appalachian Mountains
  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • The Hudson River
  • Cape Cod
  • And the Catskill Mountains

The Southern Colonies

For The Southern Colonies

As I said before in the previous paragraph, the Southern Colonies are the place to go if you like the warmth. The average temperature is 75 - 95 degrees Fahrenheit which is more than both the Middle and New England colony combined. Some of the most famous settlements in the Southern Colony are:

  • Virginia
  • And Georgia
Virginia is a place where many battles with Native Americans, French, and British are fought. Georgia however, is much more peaceful than this settlement.

Southern Colony Job Board

Some of the jobs in the Southern colonies are:

  • Farming
  • Tobacco
  • Anything that has "ith" after it
  • Logging
  • Artisan
  • And many more!

Fun Fact

If you like warmth and farming, the Southern Colony is the place to be. It is also the only colony to grow indigo. A plant used to make the popular shaded blue dye known as indigo.


Some of the towns and cities have kings like the house of Burgesses and King James the 1st


  • Virginia
  • Charleston
  • And Georgia


The Climate of the Southern colonies is the hottest climate you will get out of the colonies. This colony doesn't get much snow at all but gets blasted with sunshine and warmth! Definitely a very good place to live if you are the type of person who likes the warmth!
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Some of the landforms in the Southern colony are:

  • Barrier Islands
  • Appalachian Mountains
  • And Piedmont

The Middle Colony

It's In the Middle

The Middle Colony is a great colony. It has a great climate, a widespread of jobs, and the best cultures of the colonies. The Middle Colony is in the Middle of the Southern and New England Colonies. That's where it got it's name! Some popular settlements that are still here today are:

  • New York
  • And Philadelphia
A fun fact about New York is that it got it's name from the slave, York. William Clark owned this slave and took him on his expedition to explore the western part of America.

Job Board

Do you like wheat? Do you like iron? Do you like furs and cattle? Well, you are in for a treat better than pumpkin pie. The Middle colony has all of this, and more. Here are the great jobs that you will be able to apply for at the Middle Colonies.

  • Artisan Jobs (Not as much as New England)
  • Merchant
  • Farmer
  • Cattle Raising
  • Mining
  • Fur Collecting
  • And many more!!!


The Middle colonies are peaceful, open minded, and get along with Native Americans. So, if you want a peaceful life, go to the Middle Colonies


  • New Netherland
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • New York
  • Philidelphia
  • And Many Many More!!!


This colony is the perfect place to live if you like places that are both warm and cold, snowy and sunny, and just right in the middle. In the Middle colony, this is truly a true statement of the climate in the colony.


The land in the middle colony is flat and rolling. The Appalachian Mountains made many rivers and water falls. Some important rivers of the middle colony are:

  • the Delaware River
  • And the Hudson River


This colony is controlled by England, and it is the only colony that is controlled by England.

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I know you most likely want to go and live in the colonies. Well, we are here awaiting you. With good weather, great farming, great jobs, and great cities, there is lots of room for opportunity. That opportunity won't be possible without you in the colonies.
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