Kicking It in K2!

Learning, growing, exploring, discovering!

Week of September 22-26

It has been a whirlwind first month of school but we are loving every minute of it in A106! Keep reading to find out about important events coming up and to learn more about what we are studying in class.

What are we learning?

This Week's Theme: Apples

Reading/Language Arts
We are doing a study of rhyming words and word families (-at, -ap, -an, -ad). Last week, we formally introduced the word wall and are learning how we can use it when we are trying to write. Our stories this week will focus on our theme for the week including one of my favorite folktale characters, Johnny Appleseed!

We have just finished reviewing numbers 1-5. One of the more challenging things we did was learning how to tell how many items were in a group just by looking at the set of objects, not counting. We are extending this up to the number 10 this week and will do some graphing work as well. Most of our math is done through manipulatives as well as on the SMARTboard which they have already grown to love!

Our focus this week will be directly related to our theme of apples. This is a great introduction for us to learn about how to conduct investigations safely working with something familiar to them. We will study the seeds of the apple and learn a little about how they grow. We will also learn how to describe apples using our five senses during our observations.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 30 - Picture Day - more information will be coming soon

Friday, October 10 - Parent Conference Day - no school for students

Monday, October 13 - Columbus Day - no school for everyone

Wednesday, October 15 - CHS Homecoming Parade

S.E.M. - Schoolwide Enrichment Model

Your child may have already told you about how special Friday mornings are at Austin with E-time. Please take a look at our GTI/Enrichment Specialist's own Smore newsletter to learn a little about what all that means and how you could get involved!

S. E. M. at Austin Elementary

Library Day - Every Wednesday!

Please help your child remember to put their library book in their backpack every Tuesday night so it's ready for library day on Wednesdays. I want everyone to be able to check out a new book each week! Thank you!

Parent Conference Day

Friday, Oct. 10th, 8am-5pm

Austin Elementary - A106

A link was previously sent out to sign up for a time to meet on the scheduled conference day of Friday, October 10.

Parent Conference Day - Signup

If you are not able to come on that day, please send me an e-mail ( with a few dates and times so we can find a mutually agreeable time to meet.