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Aug 28 - Sep 1, 2017

In case you missed this one... happy SPS/Sherwood Kindergartener

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from Bret-

Here is a link to a potential assembly for your site, along with the contact information:

Daira Driftmier


Office phone: 515-267-7722

Cell phone: 515-669-6120

I finished my first 2 week site visits, and will begin focusing on those sites with principals I evaluate. I’ve also begun to add data to Tower and encourage you to keep me in the loop on situations that could be included in your Tower profile.

I met with the original four Learning Coaches this week and will meet with all 10 coaches on August 29. I had to move the first AP Cadre meeting to September 6th.

Two newsletters back, I stated that I had been to a conference this summer which stressed the 7 Correlates of Effective Schools. Correlate 1, A Safe and Orderly Environment entails:

· Undesirable student behavior is absent

· Desirable student behavior is explicitly taught

· Collaborative and respectful behaviors are modeled for students by teachers

· Collaboration norms are established

· Democratic values are modeled

from J

This past week I attended the funeral for Cindy Roy. Cindy was the secretary at Truman while I served as principal there. While I'm heartbroken that she lost her courageous fight with cancer, I am grateful for her influence on me.

As I reflected on Cindy, I thought about where we interacted the most- in the school office. She was the first face most students, parents and visitors saw. The first friendly welcome. She was the answering voice for calls in, and the voice that inquired where students were and asking if they were feeling okay. She took the first hit of upset adults, an innocent victim of misdirected anger. She was a first responder to kiddo's scrapes from the playground. She was the print and copy manager for teacher's who needed one more copy of a worksheet, and the postmaster of the staff mailbox. She was my first and last sounding board on so many items and issues. She was my eyes and my ears. She was loyal. And she became more than the school secretary, she was the heart of the school family.

I share this with you simply to invite you to think about those who are in support roles, especially your secretary. Treat them like the professional they are, and express your gratitude sincerely and regularly. They are instrumental to your success as the leader in your school.

How Making Kindness a Priority Benefits Students

What if this was school's message: Listen to others, be considerate, think beyond yourself

Offender, Warning, and No Trespass Letters

ICYMI or as a reminder - Dr. Courtney Martin is running point on offender requests and no trespass letters. If a guardian or parent that is a registered offender contacts you requesting permission to be on campus, including picking up their kids on a daily, regular or irregular basis, they must be given clearance through Dr. Martin's review process.

Warning letters are generally determined and delivered from the site level. Warning letters generally are issued after a trend of inappropriate adult/parent behavior has been established as a pattern, that invitations to improved demeanor have been discussed, and that you have had a discussion with Bret or myself concerning the situation. We have suggested wording/examples to guide you. No warning letter should be written or delivered without receiving advisement from the district level. We also ask that you share a copy of the warning letter with Dr. Martin.

No trespass letter are determined and delivered at the district levels through Dr. Martin's office. A no trespass letter will generally never be generated without a warning letter preceding, unless determined otherwise by Dr. Martin's office. Again, please start with Bret or myself concerning no trespass letters as an option.

The Sad Passing of Common Sense

Love this....let's not let it happen

from Curriculum, Catherine & Matt-

Upcoming Learning Support Events (September - October)

  • August 30 - Club Encore Liaison Training (4-6)

  • August 31 - Club Encore Tutor Training (4-6)

  • September 1 - Smart Science Training (2 Options)

  • September 1 - LEGO WeDo Robot Training (2 Options)

  • September 7 - Master Learner Institute Year 1 (Literacy 8-11; Math 12-3)

  • September 7 - TST Facilitator Training (4-6)

  • September 14 - Master Learner Institute Year 2 (Literacy 8-11; Math 12-3)

  • September 20 - Curriculum Writing (Assessment Focus)

  • October 12 - Super CDC (K-2: 8-11; 3-5: 12:30-3:30)

  • October 12 - Treasures of the City (2nd Grade 5:30-7:45pm)

  • October 20 - Explore Curriculum Revisions (8-3:30)

  • October 25 or 26 - Integrated Units 3 & 4 Training (2 Options, will be offered again at November SPS Now)

Guided Math Connection

Great math instruction starts with a numerate environment in which kids feel empowered and safe. It’s important for students to feel safe to express their ideas, disagree, and give and receive feedback. When providing feedback to students, avoid fixed language such as “That’s right!” “You’re so smart!” and “Good job!” Instead try prompts such as: “Prove it to me.” “How’d you get that?” “Convince us that you are right.”

Too often we avoid calling on students whom we think might have the “wrong answer.” This is an excellent opportunity to model with students the importance of mistakes and working through them using reasoning and proof. Challenge yourself and teachers to try this in your interactions with students this year! Brain research shows that mistakes actually grow your brain!

Consider showing this video to students/teachers and giving them a math survey to gauge their feelings about math at the beginning of the year. Kindergarten, first and second graders aren’t too young to hear this research. Talk to them about the power of working through mistakes and believing in themselves.

Literacy Connection

During the first month of reader’s and writer’s workshop, teachers have two goals:

  1. Help students think of themselves as readers and writers..

  2. Establish the roles and routines.

Lead by Example:

The first 20 days is about getting students engaged in reading and writing. Take time the first 20 days to set the example by reading aloud some of your favorite books. 14 Perfect Picture Books for Back to School will give you some ideas for read alouds. Where could you fit in a read aloud for staff and students?

  • Bedtime Story on School Website, Facebook, Twitter

  • Faculty Meeting

  • Guest Reader in Each Classroom

  • Morning Announcements

  • School Assembly

Lead with Intention:

The assessment window will quickly be upon your teachers. While it is great to collect the data to know where to lead students in our instruction, how will you support your building in analyzing the data? Teachers will not use the data portal for data entry. Consider using the literacy data sheet to help you organize your building data.

Lead with Resources:


Saturday, Sep. 16th, 8:30am

420 East Farm Road 182

Springfield, MO

Click here to register for Edcamp Springfield.... the unconference! Great time!!

The Mystery Hour Back to School SPS Teacher Appreciation Night

Just Released for Tonight! Friday, August 25th, 7:30 pm at the Gillioz!


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Jason Streubel, Director of Agriculture at Convoy of Hope

Jerry Jacob, former KSPR/KY3 anchor

One more TBA

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Learn it, know it, live it...

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