MMS Library Tiger Talk

March 2020

2020 Vision

Vision- Is a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination.

20/20- Not to burst your bubble, but 20/20 vision does not mean having “perfect vision.”

When the optometrist says that you have “20/20 vision” he is referring to your visual perception, which is the clarity or sharpness of your vision...Basically, how well can you see?

What are your goals for 2020?

What is your vision for 2020?

Make a list of your goals and stick to them.

Be a positive influence on others!

Your Future is Bright, Keep A 20/20 Vision!

March Madness

Friday, March 20th, 8am

201 York Street

Monroeville, AL

Students who reach their AR goal for this nine weeks get to play in the MARCH Madness basketball game on March 20th during each grade level PE class time!

National Women's History Month

This month we celebrate the great accomplishments of women!

Women have been an asset to our country over many years.

During this month, consider all of the sacrifices women made to make this country great.

Tell a woman in your life "Thanks" for all she is doing and will continue to do!

National Women's day is March 8th

April is National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month!

We will begin writing Cinquains this month.

A cinquain is a five-line poem that was invented by Adelaide Crapsey. She was an American poet who took her inspiration from Japanese haiku and tanka.


  • The first line is one word.
  • The second line contains two adjectives.
  • The third line has three words ending in "ing."
  • The fourth line has four or more words that make a complete sentence.
  • The fifth line is one word.

Here is an example...



Juicy, sweet

Dripping, slurping, smacking

So messy to eat


On April 11, the Monroe County Public Library will host a Poetry Slam

10 am. Students will have an opportunity to read their poetry and also meet Alabama'sPoet Laureate, Jennifer Horne.

She is the top poet in the state of Alabama! This is a high honor.

If you have any questions, contact Ms. Hollinger.

Poetry Slam

Saturday, April 11th, 10am

121 Pineville Road

Monroeville, AL

Poetry Slam

Monroe County Public Library

Submit your edited poetry to