Children First-Elect Bruce Reicher

Vote November 8, 2016

4 Year Accomplishments On The BOE

1. Parent Portal up and running
2. Head of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee
3. Hawthorne schools app
4. Brought back the Director of Curriculum
5. Facebook & Twitter pages to promote district
6. New District Web Page
7. Extracurricular activities added at LMS and HHS

Reicher's Background and Beliefs

1. He has a Masters degree in Elementary Education and Administration.

2. He has 20 years experience working in schools with expertise in educational technology.

3. He has taught every grade K-12 and been a Director of Technology.

4. He believes in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to school.

5. He believes the curriculum is always first and then you add the technology.

6. He will promote accomplishments of the district. High school ranking is not as important as the amazing colleges our children get accepted to.

7. He believes our schools can be the best. He believes the most effective board members make decisions with children as the primary focus.

8. He is for wireless technology everywhere in our schools and board office.

9.. His agenda is children first!!!!

Bruce Reicher

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Social Media Revolution Socialnomics 2011

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