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Where do you start?

I would like to congratulate you in making the decision to join Origami Owl as an Independent Designer! My name is April Schumacher, Director. We are a fun loving, spirited group of individuals who have the same goal in mind- to achieve success with OUR businesses! We know that when we truly believe we can achieve! I would like to extend out my "helping hand" to you while you figure out what to do with your new business!

Over the next few days, you may receive various welcome emails from different members of your upline lineage. Please don’t feel overwhelmed. The emails hopefully will allow you to see what a great support system you have! We are so happy and excited to have you join our big, happy family!

Here's a little welcome video, just for you! This is a just quick little video from some peeps at the nest that welcomes you to Origami Owl and gives you some GREAT tips on how to jumpstart your new business!

Click here --> http://vimeo.com/72459243

password: oonewdesigners

Want to tour The Nest with Bella? Here you go...


Let me ask you this- Why did you decide to become a Designer with Origami Owl? Always keep that reason in your mind and in your heart and you will achieve success. Consider sharing your "WHY" with your mentor and that will help her know just how to help you.

We all know that Origami Owl was started by the hopes and dreams of a 14 year old girl named Bella Weems. She really wanted a car, and with the support and help from her mom, her dreams came true. Check out these links to give you more information about how Origami Owl started:





The REAL 411...Let's Get Started!

OK. So now that you know about the company and where you stand in the company, now let's talk about what to do next and what's available to you:

Get the 411 on what to do, product information, and all the files/resources you can get your hands on because you want to read, take in the knowledge, and run with it.

First of all, get out that great book that came with your starter kit! It is the spiral bound book called START LIVING YOUR DREAMS. Read it!! It is a wonderful training guide for you, full of information, and it also includes checklists and how to do your first Jewelry Bar. Seriously, it is an awesome book.

Next, study this file. It is called Points of Difference. It is important that you have product knowledge of what you are selling!


If you are on Facebook, please ask your Mentor to add you to our team page. Or you can request to join:


Our team page is a wonderful resource for support and there is a group of fabulous women who are ready to welcome you in. We really love to help each other out. Please do not post anything negative on the page. Any and all frustrations or complaints, venting about stuff, will be removed from the page. No ARGH's, GRR's or UGHH's! This page is a grunt free zone! Yes, this page is for support, but negativity and venting just fosters the wrong vibe for this page and we want to truly keep our group page a happy place where asking questions, celebrations, sharing ideas, and encouragment are the main topics and posts. If you have issues or concerns, shoot your Mentor a message and she will be more than glad to help you work through it! Also, the Team page does NOT substitute as your Mentor! Please be sure to communicate with her when you have questions. That is why she is your Mentor. Also note - this is not a trading forum. It is against Policy and Procedure to buy or trade with other designers. This does not include back order or retired items. Buying or trading can be very tricky for taxes, and for warranty issues.

***Pay particular attention to Origami Owl's Policies & Procedures***


I recommend you print this, three hole punch the papers and put this in a binder for reference.

IMPORTANT-make sure you attend a call or work with your mentor before closing a party. DO NOT hit close until you have entered Hostess Rewards. NOTE - Hostess rewards are only earned through the party tab, and not when you order wholesale.

Ordering: We can order 2 ways. 1) You can order through your ORDER tab by clicking New Order. This will allow you to order at our wholesale price. Know that if you do this, it will not count towards hostess rewards or go towards a party. 2) Place your orders under the PARTY tab to go towards the hostess rewards. This will be paid at full retail price and you will receive your commission the following week on Friday.

YOUR Website: Did you know you now have your own website? You should have chosen a prefix to your website at enrollment. Whatever you chose will then go before .origamiowl.com (EX: I chose aprilschumacher so my web address is aprilschumacher.origamiowl.com) If you don't remember, you can always check in your back office. Go to "My Profile", then "Edit my Profile" scroll down to see the box that says "Replicated Site" and that is your prefix.

O2 Connection or Newsletter: We have a wonderful tool provided by Origami Owl that is a monthly newsletter that goes out to all of our customers. (You should receive an email on setting yours up or you can call or email the Nest for more info on how to begin) All the customers in your back office will automatically be added and you can also add them yourself. This is great info that the Nest works hard to put together. You will receive a "Warm Call report" after these go out showing you who opened it and what they looked at. You can then use this information to know what they are interested in and contact them accordingly.

Webinars: These are great packed with lots of helpful information and news. They are posted on Monday nights around 8pm EST. Check your backoffice on Mondays to get the information of what the topic they are discussing is. I recommend to tune into them, because any new and up and coming news will be announced along with some great training!

Commissions: As Designers we earn 50% of charms, dangles and plates and 30% of lockets, chains, window plates and tags. This works out to be a good average of about 40%...which is very generous for direct sales! You can order wholesale through the orders tab in your back office for your discount, but will not be rewarded with hostess rewards that way. When entering a party, you will pay full price and then receive a commission payment the following Friday. You of course, do not receive commission on business materials and those must be ordered separately as they ship from a different location. MAKE SURE YOU APPLY FOR THE NEW PAYQUICKER CARD TO RECEIVE YOUR COMMISSIONS! (See details in your backoffice Newsfeed)

Personal Volume: You will hear this word referred to often, but most often as "PV". This is the wholesale dollars purchased, thru the party tab or personal orders, not including business materials. You can view yours under the Commission Tab ($) in your back office. This is tracked monthly! You will also see GV which is your total team volume as you begin to grow a team.

Staying Active: To be considered "active" each month, you need to have a PV of $99. To remain a current designer, and not loose your ID status, you have to enter $199 in PV for every 6 months. This is super easy, and much lower than most other companies.

Returns and Missing items: Occasionally things may arrive less than perfect, have a defect...or on the seldom occasion, not at all. (After all...those owls packing at the nest are in fact human...and do make mistakes) If this happens, do not worry. Fill out the appropriate form and it will be taken care of. We have our Missing Items form which is for...yep...items that are missing from an order. (Please note the time frame in which this has to be submitted) And we also have our Replacement Form. This is for items that may have arrived damaged, or that fall under the 90 manufacturer warranty. Both of these forms are located in your Back Office under the Resources tab, and under the section "Business Materials".

Incentives: At Origami Owl, they like to keep things challenging, and FUN! Check out our incentive website for all the fun things going on. www.o2incentives.com

For additional information, please feel free to join www.rockinlockets.com request to join and wait 24 hrs to access.

Get Ready to Soar!

Here are some tips to help you start your Origami Owl business on the fast track!

  • Make a locket and wear it daily!!! (If you haven't already) A locket is like your billboard! Wear it everywhere...change it up! You will be surprised how many people will notice and ask about it. What a wonderful opportunity to tell them about your business!

  • Designate a workspace. The first step is to select one location for your workspace. Ideally, this is a designated home office, but some of us may not have the space in our home, So this space can be the kitchen table, a small desk in your bedroom, etc. Whatever the space, it is important that you make this your space. Carving out a home office space, can help you be more productive at home and maintain your sanity when family and household issues threaten to impede your work.

  • Set up your email- you are an excited new Designer, you will be sending out emails about your new business to prospective customers and hostesses When you have a designated email address just for your Origami Owl business, it tells everyone you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Be sure to follow the P&P Guidelines for setting up an email. No proprietary, trademarked terms. You can not use origamiowl, livinglockets, or O2 in your email address. Having an email just for your Origami Owl business is a great way to keep organized with all the communications you will be having between you and Hostesses, customers, and your Mentor and leaders. Check this out... it is a fancy e-signature that you can create for your business email address. It is great because it looks professional, and you can add your contact info, as well as set up the buttons to link to your website and social media sites, and even if you aren't emailing them about OO, they will see it! www.myesigpartners.com **NOTE- please make sure whatever email address that you have saved in the back office is what you would like to receive email communications from the Nest...and from me.

  • Open a bank account. Open a separate checking account for your new business. Look for a personal account with minimal fees and an ATM card. Deposit client checks as well as sales and use it to order supplies and pay for business expenses. This makes for MUCH EASIER tracking and accounting at the end of the year when you're trying to do taxes! This is the account where you can deposit customer checks, commissions from corporate, and link your SquareUp, PayAnywhere or other mobile cash register credit card swiper account.

  • Sign up for mobile credit card processing. Do research on using a mobile credit processing service. There are many out there. PayAnywhere, Paypal, SquareUp, Intuit...the list goes on and on. Even though YES, the Origami Owl backoffice does run credit cards for free through the party tab, it is only for when you are placing orders. The great thing about having a mobile credit card swiper is that you can run someone's card at the event, have it go directly into your business account (most take 24 hours to deposit), then turn around and order the product in your back office using debit card linked to that same account all while knowing the card is sufficient. For the most part, they are available for free when you register your account and they send you the reader. You may pay a service fee of about 2.5% - 3% depending on the company, so research well and decide if this is something that is important to your business or not. It's a CONVENIENCE, not a NECESSITY.

  • Table Display: As you search for items for your display, consider keeping it simple. Remember...as fun as those owls are...we aren't really selling owls! Keep the focus on our fabulous Jewelry. Consider our colors (aqua, pink, yellow, etc) and linen. You can find some fabulous display items at www.riogrande.com and www.sagadisplay.com


  • Make your list of 100 immediately. List all the people you know and don't be judgmental of who may or may not love Origami Owl. You never know!! 10 friends, 10 relatives, 10 neighbors, 10 acquaintances and 10 people surrounding children or spouse is 50 already. And you can contact them using your...GASP! Brand new email address! Make sure you tell them ALL about your new business!

  • Pick a date for your launch party IMMEDIATELY!!! When will your DEBUT be? And who will be attending this debut? I know.. that is an exciting thought!! Your lauch party should be your introduction of your new business to all of your family and friends! Your launch party should focus on bookings and sharing Origami Owl with people who might want to start their own business. Don't worry so much about selling products. Consider doing a raffle for hostess rewards to promote those things. EX- 1 ticket for each $25 earned, 1 ticket for bringing an uninvited friend, 4 tickets for booking a Jewelry Bar, 4 tickets for inquiring about the opportunity, etc...

  • GET YOUR CALENDAR FULL! Schedule your launch party, and try to get 2 parties from your launch party and 2 outside bookings. This will give you 5 Jewelry Bars in the next 4-6 weeks and that will get your business booming. Origami Owl Jewelry Bars are easy and so much fun! But it is even more fun when you are excited, enthusiastic, and get the balling rolling!!!! That is the key to your success!

  • Jewelry Bar Training: Want to know how to truly ROCK those Jewelry Bars? Our very own Heather Hall did a fabulous training that will walk you through a Jewelry Bar and how to fully get maximum results! It is fabulous and is the model I use. Check it out at: http://vimeo.com/71645271 - part one and http://vimeo.com/71645362 - part two / Password: rockin

  • Start growing your Team!!! Did you know the fastest way to grow your business is by adding to your team? Jewelry Bars are the heart of our business, but growing a team can drastically increase your paycheck, far beyond sales commissions. It is SO rewarding to share this wonderful opportunity {and why not share something SO amazing!?!} and to see them accomplish amazing things! Some of my favorite times are watching my team mates walk across the stage and be recognized for all of thier success! See this amazing chart below of what leaders can make. {Remember, these numbers don't include sales!!! Woahhh!} You can also check out our generous compensation plan at: https://d9b54x484lq62.cloudfront.net/origamiowl/personal/resources/careerplan_singlesheet_revised1025.pdf

Marketing Yourself and Your New Business as an O2 Independent Designer!

First of all, order yourself some beautiful and high quality, pre-designed business cards at:


For marketing and branding purposes and to keep the company's image consistent and because the Nest said so... we can only order cards through this site.


Go ahead and set up a Facebook business page and share it with your friends and family!

When you are ready to create your page here are some simple directions in this video from the Nest:


password: oocall

fast forward to min 9:58.

Great and simple instructions!

Remember, your Facebook page needs to follow O2 compliancy; therefore your page's name has to be Origami Owl - your name, Independent Designer. And that is it! Now you can add pictures and whatever you would like. BUT, be diligent in crediting photo sources. If you know you are not the one who took the picture, either do not use it, or credit the person who took the picture. The best way to avoid copyright drama is to use pictures that are from your backoffice, ones that have a watermark on them, or ones you have taken yourself. Remember, we are being a force for good, and editing or cropping out another Designer's name is disrespecting them, because their time and efforts went into creating the beautiful locket photo. Our audience does not know that the Designer's name is another Designer. They see that as a photographer's signature on her work. If it is their website and/or Designer info on the picture, just do not use that picture. Simple.

Also, please be careful in using lockets to advertise specific brands (i.e.-Disney, teams, sororities, etc) Copyright infringement is not something you want to mess with.

***Remember, you are now a representative of Origami Owl. Please make sure your posts reflect the company you represent and YOU in a good light. Do not post anything that may offend others or cause controversy. We all come from different backgrounds, and have different beliefs. We all have our own story- that is what Origami Owl is all about- telling our stories, which are all different! As we celebrate our diversity, always choose to be respectful. We never know who is looking at our page.


Take a moment to add Origami Owl's contact info to your cell phone contacts.

2225 West Pecos Road, Suite 4 Chandler, AZ 85224

Phone: 1-888-491-0331

Fax: 1-480-899-9707
{M – F} 7am to 7pm AZ Time





And last but not least, make sure your Mentor's phone number is saved into your cell phone's contacts too! (See my contact info at bottom)

A Little About Me...

I am most grateful not only for the opportunity O2 has given me, but for the personal growth I have encountered since joining O2. I have built stronger relationships at home, while developing relationships with new friends that will last a lifetime.

O2 has definitely restored my faith and has given me the ability to pay it forward while offering the opportunity to others. I am so honored to be a part of the O2 Family!!

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