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September2020 - Cultivating a CREEK Community of Excellence!

Our mission is to prepare our students to succeed in a global society through a quality education.

Mid - Quarter Reflections

Kudos on navigating the first five weeks of school. Since the start of school, you have had to navigate uncharter waters. You've helped your child jump on Zoom meetings, navigate Canvas, prepared and provided breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner for your scholars on a daily basis, and helped students to manage screen time, advisory lessons and homework. We appreciate you so much, and thank you for all that you do to partner with your child and the school to ensure that learning continues to take place at high levels. You are truly superheroes, which are ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary things.

In the first five weeks, we've accomplished a great deal together. Students have been able to access learning online, have navigated their first assignments, including assessments and projects, and have ensured that students are present for all classes, including advisory, every block. Let's take a moment to celebrate and share kudos with our scholars and parents alike.

At this point in the quarter, lets also take a moment to reflect on classroom grades and attendance to continue to celebrate and to also set goals and utilize strategies to help continue and improve learning and engagement. This is progress report week and teachers will be reaching out to families of students who have "D's" or "F's" in their class. Families should check PowerSchool or their child's Clever account to check their grades at this mid quarter point. Progress reports will not be mailed out to families, since grades can be checked real time through PowerSchool.

Families, you can continuously check on student grades and engagement in Canvas through the Canvas App and the PowerSchool Parent portal app. Steps on how to access these resources will be listed in the next section. You can check in real time on the progress that your child is making using these resources. You can also always ask your child to pull up their "Clever" account and ask them to access PowerSchool and Canvas through their accounts. The information will be the same, and students can help to discuss their grades, engagement and attendance with you.

When you check attendance with your child, you will notice that if students were conted absent, they have the code of (1R) by their name. If they were counted as absent, they have a code of (2A) by their name. Please celebrate student presence with your child and set goals if improvements are needed for attendance.

Your children have been working hard in class, and our teachers have been working hard in and outside of the classroom to provide instruction and connection with the students. We all work together as a circle of support for our students, and they and their success is at the center of all that we do. Have a great reflection session with your scholar, and again, take time to celebrate and set goals for continuous improvement.

Power School/Canvas/

Below are some additional resources for accessing Canvas and PowerSchool. Please reach out to your child's counselor for your pin for the PowerSchool App. Thelist of counselors by alpha are listed on our Website.

Canvas Resources for Parents

Presentation on how to use the Canvas App for Parents:

Functions of the Parent App (English)

Canvas Q&A's (English)

Canvas Q&A's (Spanish)

Power School Resources for Parents

Parents can set up their own accounts with student access information provided by the school.

To create a new PowerSchool parent account do the following:

  1. Using your browser, to to
  2. Click the Create Account tab
  3. Click the Create Account button
  4. Follow the instructions and enter your account information. To link one or more students to your PowerSchool account, obtain the student's Access ID and Access Password from your student's school.

Note: You will not be able to view your student's data unless you link your student to your account with the school-provided student Access ID and Password.

PowerSchool Parent Portal Presentation:

Attedandance Matters - "Be Present for your Future"

September is School Attendance Month and we are continuing to stress the importance of regular school attendance. Please monitor and ensure that your scholar is logged in for each block daily, including during Advisory. Students should also engage in Canvas daily as directed by the teacher. Our Executive Class Council, ECC, has created our slogan for regular school attendance, "Be Present for Your Future". Our ECC is leading a campaign to help encourage students to be present and actively engaged!

Please see the article below from our July Newsletter about attendance in a remote environment:

Regular school attendance is important for all students. North Carolina law says children ages seven to 16 must attend school. We have processes and procedures in place to help support and improve regular school attendance. Parents and students also have the responsibility to support and ensure regular school attendance. Students should attend school daily on time. Barriers to regular school attendance should be shared with your child's Counselor or our Social Worker, Ms. Reba Brown.

If we are participating in remote learning during any portion of the school year, regular school attendance will look differently, but is still important and expected.

School and home are expected to work together to ensure that students are "attending" school while at home to stay involved and engaged in learning. The following are several areas in which will help home and school promote and ensure regular school attendance in a remote environment:

1. Regular Contact - Students, teachers and parents should stay in regular close contact with one another through such venues as email, text, Remind 101, PowerSchool, social media, Canvas and other learning technology resources. Home and school must be responsive to one another on a consistent basis to ensure that we stay in contact with one another.

2. Connectivity - We are happy to help families with the resources that they need to stay connected, such as Chromebooks and hot spots. If you have any Connectivity needs, please call the school and we will assist you.

3. Relationships - Once students and families have what they need to work remotely, students, families and staff must create and re-enforce strong relationships with with one another, which will be key to keeping students involved in school and learning. Teachers, counselors and other staff may be building in online checks with students to foster additional care and as we work to support the academic, mental, social and emotional health of our students. It is also important that students are connected to other students, so it is key that students engage in class or small group chats and other activities that are designed for students to engage with one another.

4. Participation: Students should actively participate in classes daily. Parents and staff must monitor and support student participation to help ensure that students are engaged in learning. Participation is more than simply logging on. Participation is engaging in assigned learning activities on a regular basis. Staff and families should reach out to one another if there is a question or concern about participation. We should at home and school celebrate participation of our students/children for continuous motivation.

These are just a few areas that will help support regular attendance in a remote environment. Attendance remotely and at school is important. Families, please reflect on your child's attendance and engagement and consider the strategies that may be helpful to ensure your child's regular attendance in the new school year. Additional strategies will be shared a we move through the summer and the school year.

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SEL Corner - Advisory


Each day, students are engaged in an Advisory block after their first block class. During the block, students are engaged in advisory lessons with their teachers. This is a time that students work together with their teacher around social and emotional learning topics that are focused on their well being and the development of those specific skills. Please take a moment to ask your scholar about their time in their advisory block and the topics and learning that is taking place during that time. We are excited about having an opportunity to engage with students during this block.

Panorama Screener

Panorama is the social and emotional learning screener (survey) that all students in grades 3-12 across the district will complete later this fall. The screener will gather student self-reflection data on social and emotional learning, SEL, skills and perceptions in order to gain a deeper understanding of each of our students' needs.

The fall Panorama Screener will be administered to our students through 2nd block on October 8 and make-ups on October 9. There will not be an advisory block on those days to allow for the secreener to be administered through second block. Dr. Leah Wade will be managing the survey program for our school. If you have any questions about the Panorama screener, please contact Dr. Wade at

Once the surveys are completed, we’ll be using this data as a baseline for the school year, create social and emotional learning opportunities for our students based on the data, and then we’ll have the opportunity to measure again later this year to monitor progress and track growth.

If you have any questions about the survey, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

2019-2020 Second Semester Grade Choice Requests

At the end of 2nd semester of the 2019-2020 school year, parents of students in grades 9-11 were able to select the grade for the semester or a PC19. Students received a WC19 if they would have failied the course. Families who didn't make a choice were automatically assigned a PC19 for passing grades. Families who did not make a grade designation in the spring have 45 days into this school year to determine if they want to keep the PC19 or choose the grade for one or more courses from the spring semester of last year.

If you did not make a choice last year, and you are interested in reviewing your child's grade to determine if you would like to make a different choice, please check your child's grades from 2nd semester in PowerSchool. If you would like to request the grade instead of PC19, please complete the form below.

Maverick Pride!

Plan B - Face to Face & Remote Academy

During the CMS Board of Education meeting last week on September 16, a plan for the district to phase in from a Plan C to Plan B was approved. Below is a link to the presentation in English and Spanish. High Schools are scheduled to phase in in late December for exams, but will be fully engaged in Plan B beginning 2nd semester. We are in the process of planning for the return of our students to face to face instruction. We will be preparing to phase students in safely and smoothly.

Families were able to sign up for full remote academy for the year. Families who chose the full remote academy have the option to choose face to face instruction for 2nd semester. Families who didn't sign up for the full remote academy this semester have the opportunity to sign up for the full remote academy for 2nd semester. Current full remote academy families who want to opt out of the full remote academy to participate in face to face instruction for the spring or families who would like to newly sign up for the full remote academy for 2nd semester must do so by December 4, 2020.

If you have any questions about the form, remote instruction or Plan B, please make a note of your questions in the form, and an administrator or another staff member will follow up with you to answer those questions.


First quarter will end on October 16. Please continue to monitor student attendance, grades and engagement. Students will take their mid-term exams on October 14 - 16. Please see the exam schedule below:

Wednesday, October 14 - 1st and 3rd block exams

Thursday, October 15 - 2nd and 4th block exams

Friday, October 16 - Regular day, but make up exams for students who were absent during scheduled exam block

Messages about the exams will be sent out closer to exam week.

Early Voting Site

Mallard Creek High School will be an early voting site this election season. Voting is an important right that we as citizens should exercise. Please take time to come out and encourage others to come out to our school site to vote early in our gym. The early voting dates are Octover 15 - October 31 at the following times:

Weekdays - 8:00 - 7:30

Saturday - 8:00 - 3:00

Sunday - 1:00 - 5:00

Please come out and vote!

Curriculum Night & Parent Jam

Join us for our Fall Curriculum Night and Parent Jam on Tuesday, October 6th, 2020.

Curriculum Night will begin at 5:00 PM where our families will be able to engage with each of their teachers by following the student's schedule. During this event, parents will have an opportunity to learn more about course expectations and current units of study. This will not be the time for individual parent conferences; however, teachers will share more inforamtion with families at this time about how to prepare for their classess and share steps of how to schedule a formal conference, if requested.

Our Student Services Team is gearing up for our annual Parent Jam. Please join us at 6:00 PM on the 6th for engaging sessions on scholarships, financial aid, High School 101, Middle Years (10th and 11th Grade Students), Credit Recovery and Social/Emotional Health. We will also have special information for our Seniors from our college adviser and senior supplies vendor. Sessions will be offered from 6:00 to 6:45 and again from 7:00- 7:45.

More inforamtion to come. Please make plans now to join us.

Clubs, Athletics and Extra Curricular Events

Students recently engaged in our club fair on September 18. Our club season is in full swing, and we encourage all of our student to engage in at least one club. Our club listing and communication information is listed on our main Website.

Athletics has begun workouts for our volleyball and cross country athletic teams. All other teams will have workout periods that come up in the near future. Workouts during this time period is optional, but practices and workouts will be required, as outlined by the coaches, during the athletic season.

A list of the workout schedule and the athletic seasons are below.

Upcoming Dates

  • Week of September 21&22 - Progress Reporting Period

  • September -22- First Day of Autumn!!!!!

  • September -28- Optional Workday (If you are not planning to work on the workday, please put in a request for absence (no sub required) for the day before Friday 9/25.)

  • September - 29 - Extensions/Transitions Students who opt in will return to full time face to face instruction

  • October - 6 - Curriculum Night 5-6; Parent Jam/Senior Night (6-7:45)

  • October - 7 - Early Release Day (Students will be in classes 1/2 day; Staff will be engaged in Required PD 1/2 day - 3:30)

  • October - 14-16- Mid-Terms

  • October - 16 - End of 1st Quarter

  • October -15-31 - Early Voting in Gym

Have a Great Week!

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