By Dalton


  • Sounder shows courage because he stayed alive until dad came home and he is missing one eye and one ear. The mother shows courage because she was brave to not go find his dad. The father shows Courage he came home walking even though his body was half dead. The boy shows courage when he went to find Sounder and he can get hurt.

Video of pet/human relationship like sounder and his master

  • In the video, the person trys to help the dog. The dog refuses the help. The dog thinks the person is going to hurt it and take it away for ever. The dog tries to bite the man. The dog starts licking the person and lets them pet him. They try to put a leash around the dog’s neck and the dog lets him. In the end the family found a dog and the dog found a good family. The video is similar to Sounder and Master.Sounder the boy finds him and try to help him when he came home. When Sounder came home he was hart. The dogs Seem lost so the person want to help them. The dog is happier with his master just like Sounder is.

Anticipation guides

  • Stealing is always wrong, and a thief should always be punished severely. I Agree.
    If a person doesn’t get punished then they will continue to steal. If they don’t get punished they would keep stealing and all the stores wouldn’t have food and they would go out of business. When they are punished they know that if they commit the crime again they know what kind of trouble they will get into.

A father. Daughter. And dog

  • The dad and the dog died like sounder and his master. The dad die first then the dog like master and sounder. The dad die because he was in bad condition us like the master. Both of the dogs die because their master so they did want to live no longer.
  • The dad didn’t want the dog. The father was mad and didn’t like anything, he kept yelling at his daughter. The dad was sick.
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