Kayaking Fun!

Charles Maternoski

Summer Fun!

When my family to Door County we decided to go kayaking. We went on the 25th of July at 10 o'clock. My brother, mom, and my sister all got single kayaks while I went with my dad because I have never kayaked before. We went to a place called Lakeshore Adventures located in Baileys Harbor. We went on a Shipwreck tour across The Bay in Baileys Harbor. Going across the bay was very hard due the all of the waves. Once we got to a few of the shipwrecks in was awesome. It was very shallow around the shipwrecks showing that there was a reason for all of the wrecks. The kayaking trip was two hours long and was a very good upper body workout. We all were hungry after the trip so we drove home.

Connection #1 to Science

Have you ever thought of the hydrodynamics of a kayak? How does a kayak glide through the water so easily? When a kayak hits the water science instantly starts. If you want to go kayaking on a nice sunny day with no waves in the water a smaller and lighter kayak will work great, but if it is a wavy day out on the water the experts suggest a bigger and heavier kayak. The bigger the kayak the better it takes a wave. If the kayak is heavier you may not go as fast but you will have a lot less bumpy of a ride.

Connection #2 to Science

As Newtons 3rd Law of Physics says "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." That is just how a paddle works when you kayak. When you push backwards your kayak goes forward, when you just kayak on your right side the kayak goes left. If you paddle equally on both sides the kayak will go straight. The deeper your paddle goes into the water the faster you will go because you are making more energy.

Photo One

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Kayaking on the calm waters during a sunset is very enjoyable. That is a smaller kayak for calmer waters.

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Photo Two

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Kayaking on rough waters can be very hard, this man is up for the challenge. My family used kayaks similar to this.

Modern sea kayak in West Wales. Digital image. N.p., n.d. Web. 8 Sept. 2015. <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kayak>.

I wonder.............

1: What is the world record for kayaking speed?

2: How do kayaks float?

3: Are kayaks able to take huge waves?

4: Is there anymore science involved in kayaks?

5: What is the best kayak for beginners?