Coppell Senior Center

By Avinash R, Sahil C, Neha D, Abigail H, Judy R

How did we to take part in our society?

As group, after discussing many options to do service for our community we decided to share the Christmas spirit with the elderly. We also decided that this was the perfect time of year to distribute Christmas cards and spent some time with the older generation. During the trip we were also able to learn about many previous experiences and hear stories. We were also able to get a tour of the facilities and areas.

Come and provide service!

This a fulfilling and fun way to help out in our community. Spend some time with the elderly and gain intellect from there years of experience. Share the Christmas spirit with all!!

Service and distribution of Christmas Cards

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 5pm

345 West Bethel Road

Coppell, TX

Benefits and Purposes

We are helping out with the people nearest to us. Our purpose is to help out with Elders by keeping them company and helping out with small chores. We are also going to share some Christmas joy with handmade cards. The benefits of this project is that the Edlers who might need some extra company and service can be provided with a little bit of help.

Monday, December 7th

On Monday we decided on which organization we wanted to collaborate with. We contacted the Coppell Senior Center and got a date and time for us to come and help out. We also decided as a group that we were going to go to the Senior Center and help them, give them company and give them holiday cards. Lastly, on Monday we created this smore and started promote our service.

Wednesday, December 9th

On Wednesday we made the cards that we are going to give to the people at the Senior Center. The cards are colorful, and are ready to spread Christmas cheer to all. We also edited the website some, checking over the liftle details. This was to make sure the website was effective in raising awareness for the Coppellisd Senior center.

Thursday, December 10th

Today, we completed our service. We were able to spend time with the elderly and share the holiday spirit. We spent 2 hours with differently people, and asked for advice and talked about their high school experiences. Everyone was very happy and it was amazing to be a part of that.

Friday, December 11

Today we updated the smore with the pictures of the service. We also created a Twitter to promote the service that we did. We also made sure our journals were sufficient. The Twitter is a way for the younger generation to learn about date and events being held by The Coppell Senior Center.

Monday, December 14

We updated our Twitter by adding more pictures of the old age home and us in it. We made sure we were up to date with all our previous journals on our flyer. Today we also started planning the parts of the presentation and separated the parts to each individual.

Tuesday, December 15

We finished up last minute editing. We were also given the time to rehearse and make any last minute changes to our original plan made yesterday. We also had to re- distribute our parts because one of of our group members left for vacation.


In conclusion, by doing community learning we encounter many things. We get to understand our community while helping out. We learn by seeing what is happening in the real world, and solving through real life problems. The process of service learning is not only in the service itself, but also in the process of organizing which requires lots of patience and teamwork. There are many of the learning in the preparing because the group has to organize something that is possible for everyone to attend and participate.