♡ Printmaking ♡

Printmaking Self- Portrait


Printmaking Self Portrait was the last project we did in Grade 9. Different from other projects we have done, printmaking contained lots of materials that I never used. It was interesting piece, that taught me lots of skills.

PROCESS (Printmaking)

Materials we used;



-carving pencil

-rubber carving board


-A4 papers

-tracing paper

-carving paper

First. Choose a photo of you and print it in black and white. The size should be A4.

Second. Using carving paper, trace the photo into the blank A4 paper.

Third. Outline the photo by using a marker, and color the spaces that you are going to leave (the part you did not color will be the part that will be cut out).

Fourth. After coloring the picture in A4, transfer it to the tracing paper.

Fifth. After tracing, again trace it to the rubber carving board.

Sixth. First, use the thin roller to carve the small white parts. Then use think rollers to carve the large areas.

Seventh. Think of the background, then start carving background

Eight. Get ready for printing (you need stamp, black ink, newspaper, magazines, board)

Ninth. Use the roller to roll the black ink, then roll the roller into the rubber carving board.

Tenth. Put the magazine on top of the rubber carving board and use stamp to make it stick.

Eleventh. Dry the prints you made :)


After doing this project, I want to try stamping more. Using different colors of ink, and different texture of a papers. I only used magazines here, so I want to try using more various thing :)

Printmaking by Julie Wi

this is the picture I used for my Printmaking :)