Infuse Learning

Learner Response System Deluxe

Multi-Device Compatibility

This free (for now) software enables multiple ways of communication between teachers and students through ipads, computers, or a mix of both! Teachers, you will set up your account at:

Students will access your "room" through an assigned number at the following address:

Getting Started

Here is a link to a Snapguide providing step by step instructions for using Infuse Learning with your students.

Types of Activites

Within InfuseLearning, many options are available for interaction with students. Teachers can assess by using a draw response, true/false, multiple choice, sort & order, open ended response, or a likert scale. Other tools are also available. These include sending out a draw, a link, or a quiz. Real time results make this tool a great way to involve all students!

Basic Steps

  • Click on Start
  • Choose a class or Open Enrollment
  • Click Return
  • Choose question type
  • Save submissions if desired

Infuse Draw

This tool is great!! For example, the teacher can send a drawing out to students for labeling...... Any picture can be upload as a background or a blank canvas can be used.

Creating a Quiz

To create a quiz, under the quiz management section, click on my quizzes. If you have created quizzes in the past, those will show up as well as a selection to add a "New Quiz." Infuse Learning quizzes enable the use of images with the quiz.

Quiz results are downloaded in excel format. Those results remain accessible until the teacher deletes them.

Student Options

Students have the option to navigate through quiz questions at their own pace, change the language of the written text, and change the language of the audio.

Adding Classes

Teachers have the choice of adding their students to classes or using one room for all students. If you choose to create classes, each "class" will have a different room number. Also with classes, there are a few customizing options for your students. Simply click on the student name and you will see the options available.

If classes of students are added, the ability to use the "Start Class/Attendance" is an option. Students that are not logged in, whether they are absent or off task, will show up grayed out on the teacher's screen.

Other Great Resources

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