Prenatal Workshop

Birth Mechanics: Tune up your body and prepare for delivery

Join the workshop your OB/Gyn and Midwife approve!

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to prevent/or get out of back and pelvic pain
  • How to strengthen and mobilize hips and pelvic floor
  • How to increase birth space for better baby positioning in the womb
  • How to find pelvic neutral and what that means for the health of your pelvic floor

Prenatal Worskhops Offered Quarterly

2016 Workshop Dates:

  • January 16
  • April 9
  • June 11
  • September 24

Each workshop runs from 9:30 to noon. The workshop is part lecture and the rest is movement. Bring a yoga mat and wear exercise clothing. Space is limited. Register by email and pay at the workshop: $40.

Your Instructor

Susan McLaughlin is a physical therapist, a pelvic health therapist and the owner of ALIGN Integration and Movement. People usually come to ALIGN for pain relief, but what they really walk away with is a greater awareness of their body. Because when we have the tools to heal ourselves, that is when we thrive!