Role of Women

In South Asia Society

Gender Inequality in South Asia

Women in South Asia have suffered and are still suffering from low political representation, employment and property ownership. UNDP Administrator Helen Clark said that, "it's actually hurting their economy growth because empowering women is necessary for achieving development goals." South Asia was recently ranked 2nd for worst gender inequality in the world.

Educational Oppurtunities for Women in India

In South Asia, women make up less than 50% of the total population. Currently, they

are suffering because of forced violence because of their gender. In India, discrimination in education, nutrition, health, and employment is frownded upon but not illegal. Women and girls don't have the access to education that men do. Although women make up almost 50% of the population, there are half as many girls in school than there are boys. Economically, women have very little access to employment oppurtunities than men, and women have to completely rely on men for any financial decisions. Only 32% of Indian women are economically active.

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Abuse that Women Endure in South Asia

Women in South Asia are not just physically abused, but also verbally abused. There have even been shelters opened in some communities for women to go to when they are in need of safety or support. However, most of the time the shelters do not offer much assistance and the women eventually have to return to their homes and abusive husbands. Most women in the area have reported being physically abused by their intimate partner, although it is also common that women in South Asia are raped as a result of misbehaving.

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Role of Women in India

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