Properties and Changes

By: Grace S.


Physical Properties

Physical Properties are a characteristic of a substance that can be observed without changing the substance into something else. Some examples of a physical property is the color, texture, hardness, taste, and temperature.
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Chemical Properties

A chemical property is a characteristic that is observed when a substance interacts with another substance. Examples of chemical properties are flammability, rusting, and souring.
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Physical Change

A change that alters the form or appearance of a material, but does not make the material a substance is called a physical change. Examples of physical changes are chopping wood, bending copper wire, and molding clay.
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Chemical Change

A change in matter that produces new substances is called a chemical change or a chemical reaction. 3 examples of a chemical change are souring milk, burning wood, and metal rusting. The five indicators are color changing, temperature change, gas produce, odor release, and new substance formed.
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