PCHS Senior Newsletter

August 2019

It's a great year to be a PANTHER!

It's hard to believe that school is starting next week! I am super excited about this next school year and hope that each of you has a great senior year! I am here to assist you with your future plans! Listed below are some steps to make things much easier for you.

Email address

Create a new email address just for college applications and scholarships. This ensures that they don't get mixed in with all of your other emails. Make sure to check it daily! Students miss out on great opportunities by not checking and responding to emails! Don't let this happen to you.

Remember.....Triple E - EMPLOY ENLIST ENROLL

National College Fair

Want an opportunity to visit with college representatives from all over the country in one place? Here is your chance! Register for free today to reserve your spot! This event will be held at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center on Sunday, September 15 from 1-4 p.m. Don't miss out!


Have you updated your resume to include everything you did last year and this summer? If not, now is the time! Make sure to include all activities and explanations of what those activities entailed. Get this done as soon as possible!


Need to take the ACT again? Make sure that you register online before the deadline!

Visit college campuses!

One of the best thing that you can do to narrow your college choices is to get on campus. Below is a link to all of the college previews days that I am aware of. I will update this list as others post their dates.

College Planning Guide

This college planning guide will help you in the college application process. Please utilize it!

How to request a transcript

I can send all of your transcripts electronically, which is a great thing for you because you can track it and see when it was received. You request all transcripts through your Naviance account. If you need me to reset your password, just email me. Watch this tutorial video and it will walk you through all of the steps.


Are you utilizing the website? I post every opportunity that I become aware of on my website. Please check it weekly for updates. It contains everything that you need to know about applying for college and scholarships.