Maritza Padilla

A little something about me:

  • They call me ritza :)
  • i'm thoughtful for other people.
  • American horror story is my endearment.
  • i have 2 brothers even though their annoying their my everything.
  • My mom and Dad are my universe.
  • For me life without Mexican food is like no life at all.
  • My friends are like diamonds precious and rare.
  • At first site people think i'm shy but after awhile they really know how i am.
  • art is my passion
  • sports are astonishing

Some questions:

  • What are your dreams? My dreams are to graduate and become a nurse
  • What do you hide? I hide my glasses because i don't like how i look with them but they're very helpful for eye sight.
  • What makes you laugh? The things me and my friends do and especially what nick reid does.

The perfect book

This was the first book that actually grabbed my attention. This book is a very emotional book it shows the reader that life at one moment can be amazing but it can also be horrific and you have to learn to fight till the end, no matter what.

Mi Pelicula (my movie)

I'm not like other girls i'm different. I'm not into love stories when watching a movie, I don't like the crying movies they bored me. I like terror movies or action. Therefore my favorite movie is the purge. It was really interesting that i still watch it. i also like the series of saw they are my favorite, I would want to be in one of the movies.

What this band has done for me

Crown the empire is a band they have really made impacts on people and i'm one of them. Their music is my escape; from all the lies, all the drama, all the confusion, and all the hurt. Their music is my escape from reality.

You double my joys, You multiple my cheers, You divide my sorrows. I don't have to be a math genius to know you are my friend. - poem

^^ This is what i think of my friends that have been there for me since day 1.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. - Lucille Ball

^ This quote makes me understand why its important to love my self and not care what other people think about me.

I'm out going and love to be with friends this show who i am and that i have my moments. with friends.

I play basketball, volleyball, soccer and track. This shows my love for sports.

Soccer has always been in my life. So that means i'm a true mexican.

My religion signifies who i'm. (catholic)

Maroon 5 - Maps [OFFICIAL LYRICS]
El Chavo - Wasting water - english dub - part 1/2

This cartoon was and it is still my favorite cartoon. Since i was little i liked to watch the original but the main character named chavo died this year 2014 and there will be no more cartoon. Although he died me and more friends still remember him.

Mexico is place that impacted me in a good way and that has made me rethink and thank god for everything. I was so glad when i went to mexico because i got to see my family but i learned also that many people in mexico don't have the opportunities we have here in texas. I learn so much that i will go back soon.