Weekly Updates From the Principal

TOTMA Week 10 school Days 45-49

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Friday, Nov. 13th, 5pm

8601 Randol Mill Road

Fort Worth, TX


Buy your Entrance Tickets Now. Only $1!!! At the door they will be $2

We are looking for parent volunteers to help bring some culture and tradition to the carnival by running an activity booth where students can complete an activity and learn about a country's culture, heritage, or lifestyle.

We are also looking for families, friends, and community members to make donations of any kind and of any amount. Please contact Ms. Sawsan Nijem for further information on how you can help.


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African Drumming

Every other Friday students in third and fourth grades will be given the opportunity to be involved in an enrichment program called African Drumming. It is a wonderful experience as students learn about different cultures and gain new knowledge and perhaps even a new interest. They started this past Friday.
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S.T.E.A.M. Student Projects

On October 29th students in grades KG - 4th will be expected to turn in the fourth step of their S.T.E.A.M. student project.

The papers have been included in their Investigation Journals and should be written on in there.

It is time to form a Hypothesis.

If you have any further questions please email


Remember this whole process is designed to have parents and students working together, but students take the lead of the project. It is a student project! If you need help or ideas please speak to Ms. Keisha and she will guide you and your child.

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Highlighted Staff Member Week 10 Ms. Dena Qaddura

Ms. Dena Qaddura started her days at TOTMA has an active parent volunteering her days and hours at TOTMA. She volunteered in the classroom and in the office. It wasn't long when we discovered how helpful, organized, and wonderful she was with the kids. Last year when there was a need she became a long time sub in the office and by the end of the year it was clear that Ms. Dena belonged on TOTMA's staff. We couldn't let such a dedicated, organized, and passionate person go.

Ms. Dena lives with her three sons, Yousof, Khattab, and baby Huthayfah, and her wonderful husband. Yousof and Khattab attend TOTMA in fourth and second grades. Baby Huthayfah is too young but will join in just a few years. Her family is her life. When she is not at work she is always driving her sons to soccer practices or tending to their needs.

She also loves to cook and she loves to plan parties!

Want to surprise Ms. Dena!

Her favorite snack: Wasabi Soy almonds

Favorite Drink Coffee

Week 10 Montessori Video

How To Use Sandpaper Letters in a Montessori Environment

Highlighted Teacher of the Week 8 & 9 Kariluz Acevedo

Ms. K teaches second grade at TOTMA. She is a dedicated and passionate teacher! Ms. K received her Bachelor's degree in Education with a major in Technology. Before coming to TOTMA she worked at BISD for several years as a bilingual interventionist. She also worked in the Computer Science Department at Tarrant County College. Last year Ms. K. volunteered and tutored third graders. That is when she fell in love with TOTMA students. TOTMA was lucky enough to hire her as the second grade teacher for the following year.

Ms. K lives in Arlington with her high school daughter, Yenny. When she is not at school or working at home on projects, ideas, and plans for her students she is spending time with Yenny. Yenny is in her school's band and loves it.

Ms. K's educational philosophy and how she sets up her learning environment:

~Every child have the right to learn in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.~

Want to surprise Ms. K...... This is what she likes.....

Her favorite Drink: Sprite

Her favorite Snack: Nutella

Help her provide an event better program for her students and get what she would love for her classroom:

1. Plants with plant stands or pots

2.Very Small plants for her tables

3. Pets (small ones like a fish, reptile, or amphibian.)

4. A compartment shelf where each of her students can have their own "tray" and store folders in. (She is trying to set up a Classroom Mailbox.)

5. Plastic Folders

6. Crayons

7. Reading Books

8. Volunteers (Need them Daily)

9. Pocket Charts to hang on the walls

10. Student organizers to hang on the back of student chairs

Week 8 Montessori Video The Three Period Lesson

Montessori Three Period Lesson

HIghlighted Teacher (WEEK 6 & 7) SARAH OUSHY

Mrs. Sarah Oushy grew up in Cairo, Egypt and moved to the United States ten years ago. She earned her bachelor's degree from New Mexico State University and is a highly qualified EC-6th grade teacher with her ESL certification. She is teaching fourth grade for the second year and has prior experience teaching high school biology. She says, "I absolutely love teaching fourth graders! It is my mission to instill a love for learning in my students."

Mrs. Sarah lives with her husband, Ibrahim and their beautiful daughter Fatima, who is just two years old. She says, that they take up most of her time when she is not at work, but she does enjoy cooking, crafting, and reading. She also loves basketball and her favorite season of the year is Fall. Her favorite song, "Happy" describes the illuminating smile on her face each day.

Want to Surprise Mrs. Sarah Oushy..... This is what she likes.....

Her favorite drink: Diet Coke

Her favorite Snack: Peanut Butter

Help her provide an even better program for her students and get her what she would love for her classroom:

1. Plants w/ plant stands or pots

2.. Hole- Punchers

3. Staplers and Staples

4. Printer Ink (Ask her about the kind of printer she has first.)

5. Books for our library

6. Water Bottles

7. A small refrigerator for out water bottles

8. Multi-Purpose Paper

WEEK 6 & Week 7 Montessori Video

Maria Montessori: Learn about her teachings, life and lasting legacy (Davidson Films, Inc.)

Highlighted Teacher (Week 5) MRS. PATRICIA CURTIS WILLIAMS PK/KG

MRS. CURTIS received her American Montessori System certification over 20 years ago and has been in love with Montessori and what it can do for students ever since then. Her class embodies the Montessori spirit with students learning how to be independent thinkers and working calmly as they are introduced to new skills each day. She says, "I have always been drawn to the concept of beautiful materials, the work available within the child's reach and the the endless possibilities of a Montessori environment."

She lives in Lancaster with her husband and two sons, Jeremiah and Leonard who both experienced the joys of being in a Montessori Environment. She loves to Sew, read books, and cook in her spare time.

Want to Surprise Ms. Curtis... This is what she likes....

Her favorite drink: Dr. Pepper

Her favorite snack: Nuts

Help her provide an even better program for her students and get her what she would love for her classroom:

  • A Parent volunteer to build a raised bed for planting
  • A Class Pet: Fish with an aquarium
  • Indoor Plants with Plant stand
  • Small Baskets for materials
  • White Cardstock
  • Saltine Crackers
  • Loaves of Bread (she needs one loaf each week.)
  • Flushable wipes
  • Five buckets with with handles (to create water exercises in the classroom.)
  • Small whisk
  • Small funnel
  • Cloth Napkins
  • Set of Six cloth napkins (any solid basic color)
  • Calculator Rolls to create number lines
  • Parchment paper (can be the rolls)
  • Multi purpose paper
  • Crayola Crayons
  • Shoe Polishing activity needs (shoe polish brush)

WEEK 5 Montessori Video

Language Pre-writing / Patterning