The Wichita



The Wichita people speak caddoan.When there is something bad going on they join villiages to create 3 tribes. The wichita people are skillful traders and negotiators they tattoo their bodies and faces with dotted lines and circles

COOL FACT- The Wichita people were not migratory people they used tall teepees for regular houses

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The wichita lived in fixed villages.They were domed shaped grass coverd dwellings sometimes up to 30ft diameter and sometimes they would live in huts made of forked cedar

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The Wichita people would eat corn, pumpkins ,squash, melons, beans and grodes of plum trees some of the times they would hunt their foof to.Men hunted deer and small game and took part in season buffalo hunts.The women collected fruits and nuts to eat.

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The clothes were made of tanned hides the women decorated their dresses in elk teeth. The men wore breech clothes sometimes with leather leggings not the kind we were today.The women wore skirts and wrapped around poncho tops.Both genders wore earrings the men did not wear tops.But in the winter both genders wore buffolo robes.

COOL FACT -All parts of bison were used to make clothing!!!!!!,!,!,!,!,!,!


Today we live in brick houses and apartments.We eat food that is different then the days back then such as pizza and pasta.We ware clothes that are made of different fabrics like cloth for example and.We have different cultures like Americans,pakistanians(PAK-E-STAIN-E-UNS) and others