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Guiding Questions

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Teachers at Arab Primary School have been implementing connected practice activities in their classrooms. Teachers have spent the past two years learning to refine their work in connected practice in order to engage the students in meaningful, purposeful, and authentic practice. As we continue this work, what thinking do CPAs demand of the students?

Instructional Rounds March 10, 2014

The Instructional Rounds team gathered fine-grained evidence on Monday, March 10. In each classroom, students were working on a variety of CPAs that included reading, writing, and technology. The evidence gathered showed the thinking demands of students in CPAs. It also showed that students were aware of their learning and could articulate what they were learning.

The team sorted all of the evidence and developed guiding questions to share with the faculty. Please look at each of them and reflect. Determine which question you are interested in and write down any thoughts, questions, or ideas you have about it. We will discuss these at our next data meeting and our next PD day.

Guiding Questions

How can we enhance student collaboration in order to increase depth of knowledge?

In what ways are the number of CPAs and cognitive rigor related?