4th Grade News 10/26/15

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

Mrs. Foster and I enjoyed seeing each of you at conferences last week. It was great to have a chance to brag on your child and share with you their progress for the first nine weeks. We look forward to another successful 2nd nine weeks!

This week is Red Ribbon Week! We will celebrate with the following days:

Monday: Camo "Drugs Can't Find Me"

Tuesday: 50's Day "Drugs are Old School"

Wednesday: Sunglasses/Neon "Too Bright for Drugs"

Thursday: Red, White, and Blue "Voting for my Future to be Drug Free"

Friday: Stagecoach class shirts "Stagecoach is Drug Free"

Pancake Lab November 11th-Our Pancake Lab has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 11th. I will be sending a letter home later this week asking for parent volunteers to come help with pancake making or volunteer to send supplies for both pancake and cheese dip labs.

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math-Last week we began Module 2 which focuses on multiplication and division. We began the unit with area and perimeter. We will do many fun activities this week as we continue to learn more. We will even be designing our own dream house and finding the cumulative area of the entire house. We will also be able to design Frankenstein's house. The most exciting activity I think for students will be our new Curtright's Math Jenga game I designed this weekend. It is Jenga with a math focus that spirals our curriculum to review all we have learned and are currently learning. I can't wait to introduce it to everyone!

We have several students who will continue working on the 6's this week and they will take an accuracy check when they think they are ready. We will also be moving on to the 11 facts. We have skipped the 7's, 8's, and 9's for now because the 11's are much easier facts for students to learn. All students will take an 11's accuracy check on Friday. If your child has not passed their 6's accuracy check from last week, please make sure they are still studying the 11's as well.

Social Studies-I am so proud of our students who did a fabulous job on their projects and class presentations. I hope you were able to see your child's project during parent/teacher conferences. I took pictures of each group's project and have added them below.

Science-We began our unit on States of Matter last week. The Pancake Lab has been scheduled for Nov. 11th and the Cheese Dip Lab will be Friday, Nov. 13th. The students are very excited for each of these labs. On Nov. 13th, students will be allowed to bring a drink of their choosing to have with their chips and dip. More information will be coming home later this week about these labs. This week we will learn more about solids, liquids, and gases. We will also begin learning about chemical and physical changes and evidences that prove each change.

Reading, Writing, Vocab and Word Study

Word Study--All students have new words coming home today. We will focus on these throughout the week and students will be tested on Friday.

Reading--We have finished The Trumpet of the Swan. We will be switching to a focus on non-fiction and reading like scientists. We will be reading about matter and states of matter. We will focus on searching out evidence in the text, proving our answers, and comparing texts. We will also spend time reading several Halloween stories this week.

Writing--We will finish our publishing this week of our personal narratives. We will be doing several quick Halloween writing projects as well.

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