General Pickett

by Jason Suarez

How he affected the war

He participated in all the battles. He was the leader of "Pickett's Charge"

1863, Pickett's charge was an attempt to win the battle with one attack. Pickett was sent with 15000 men and 30 officers to penetrate the middle of the force to send the force into 2 divisions. The enemy heard of the attack an ambushed General Pickett. Pickett came back with only 2/3 to 1/2 of his division. 29 officers were wounded or killed in the assault.

How he affected the reconstruction era.

After the war general Pickett left the war and went to go live with his wife. After a year he joined the war again to help in the reconstruction era. He late became the leader of the reconstruction era.

How his life was

Pickett was the 59th out of 59th officers out of the military, he was also the least prepared person for the war because he didn't have any military experience or any strategical experience either. Pickett's 2 wife and their babies were killed at childbirth. Pickett lived from 1825-1875.

Extra War Facts

1.He was only in 3 wars and was only in 1 that won.

2.He had a memorial, even though he was the loss of the battle Gettysburg.

3.He lived a miserable life after the failure of Pickett's Charge even though it was Robert E. Lee's fault.

4.General Pickett's famous moment (or the only reason he was noticed) was Pickett's Charge.