Kokanee Library

October 2015

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Fall Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair will be held Nov. 18-25 to coincide with Parent/Teacher conferences. Items for the fair will be delivered on Tuesday, Nov. 17th so stay tuned for an opportunity to get a sneak preview.

What's Happening in the Library?

Digital Citizenship

All students have received a basic presentation with an overview on Digital Citizenship and the Responsible Use Policy of the district. As students (especially upper grades using Google Drive) start using technology more and more in your classrooms, try and remind students about what it means to be a digital citizen and that school computers are for school work only. The District policy is: Abuse it, you lose it! Each grade level will receive two additional digital citizenship presentations focusing in on certain topics like cyberbullying, staying safe online, fair use/copyright, searching strategies, etc. Please let me know if you would like further info on what information your grade level will be receiving!

Sasquatch Book Awards

Students in grades 3-6 have received a bookmark with the 2016 Sasquatch nominees. We will be discussing a nominee each week in class and students are encouraged to read and share their opinions! Voting will take place in the Spring. I have created a Google Slide with all the nominees and a short book trailer that I will present to students. Please let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to share the presentation with you as well! The 2015 Sasquatch winner was Wonder by R. J. Palacio.

Did your Student Forget His or Her Google Password?

Any staff member can quickly and easily change or reset a student's password without having to know their old password. All you will need is their student number! Just go to:


Click on Staff Reset Student Password, fill in your information and you are done! I would be happy to assist students with this in class, before, or after school as well.

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Google Drive and Hapara

Google Drive is set up so students can turn in assignments to designated folders that can then be visible by you, the teacher. This allows teachers to view and edit students work quickly and easily and can encourage students to collaborate with each other. Students can turn in assignments digitally saving a ton of paper. Please let me know if you have any questions about how to use Hapara and Google Drive!

Tech Tips and Tricks!


PowToon is a user friendly tool for students to create video presentations using animation. Watch this video below for a quick overview of how it works.
How to create animated presentations. PowToon - The PowerPoint Alternative


Newsela is the best resource I know of for practicing close reading of informational text online. It's set up in a similar format to the Smarter Balanced assessment. Students can highlight a text, annotate, and examine charts and graphs relating to the text. The articles are contributed from numerous real newspapers and leveled to fit the needs of each student in your class. Students can log in using their Google accounts, and best of all, it's totally free!
NewsElA Overview

Thanks for reading! Stop by or email for any help or questions!