Team Talk

The Road To Distinctions Week Of January 25, 2016

Culture of Feedback and Support

The second section from the climate survey we will look at from the lens of Culture and Feedback. The seven items are listed below:

1. Culture of feedback and support 54.4%

2. My campus leadership helps me improve the quality of my instruction 51.5%

3.. The instructional feedback I get helps me improve the quality of my instruction 53.5%

4. I have sufficient opportunities and encouragement to develop my leadership potential 48.5%

5. The PD sessions at my school this year helped me improve instruction 48.5%

6. My team experiences with colleagues this year helped me improve instruction 72.7%

7. My school has an effective instructive leadership team 48.4%

In an effort to have a two way feedback system, you will have the opportunity to give the leadership team feedback on the quality of the feedback we provide to you on Spot observations. A google doc will be used to facilitate the two way feedback system in addition to school net.

Re-Tester Data is Back

Data from the December 2015 STAAR/EOC exams arrived last week and the results are below:

U.S. History 38%

English I 37%

English II 30%

Biology 33%

Algebra 35%

It is imperative that the 60/30 model is effectively used within the classroom the one day a week as designed during our P.D. session on January 4th. If you have re-testers in your class but not sure who they are, please reach out to us for assistance.

Together, we can and will reach our goal of earning distinctions.