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KMS 7th Grade Team Tar Heel Monthly Newsletter- October

What's Going On?

Hi Tar Heels!

We hope that you're enjoying the cooler, crisp weather and the changing season of Fall. We have a lot of exciting things happening in October so please be sure to check out the important dates section.

Our 7th graders had the opportunity to see a presentation from Duke Energy and NTC called "Energy Experts". Our audience was interactive and very respectful. We had a fun time learning about energy resources and the role we play in their conservation. Students were provided with a pamphlet with instructions on how to receive their FREE energy kit. Please make sure you talk with your student about the opportunity to help make your home more energy-efficient.

Students received their new incentive cards for the next six weeks from their homeroom teacher. Please check your student's yellow incentive card weekly to check up on their behavior in school.

We have begun conducting our parent teacher conferences. If you scheduled a conference with our team, you should have received a note home with your student to confirm your scheduled time. We still have slots available on Monday 10/31. If you would like to schedule a conference or have questions regarding conferences, please reach out to your student's homeroom teacher ASAP.


  • 10/24-10/28 Spirit Week

    Monday: Pink day for Cancer Awareness

    Tuesday: Dress to Impress Day

    Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday

    Thursday: Kennedy Pride Day

    Friday: College or Pro Sports Day

  • 10/28 End of Quarter 1

  • 10/31 Teacher Workday/Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 11/8 Teacher Workday
  • Week of 11/9- Report Cards
  • 11/11 No School- Holiday

Tar Heel Language Arts with Ms. Aust

We are currently working on our novels. Blocks 2 and 5 are currently reading A View From Saturday and should have Chapters 2 and 3 complete. Blocks 1 and 4 have been working on vocabulary and will start working with Seedfolks in the coming days. We just finished our Common Assessments and retests will start in the coming week. Remember that vocabulary quizzes are on Fridays!!

Tar Heel Math with Ms. McPherson

We have just finished up Unit 1, Number Systems. We will begin Unit 2, Expressions and Equations, Thursday. Students will be studying combining like terms, simplifying expressions and solving multi-step equations and inequalities. Taxes, discounts, tips, and markups are real life skills that will be a part of this unit.

Weekly homework goes out on Mondays of each week and we go over the homework the following day. At the end of the week students turn in homework for a grade. Resources are located in Google classroom where students can always get additional practice.

Tar Heel Social Studies with Ms. Washington

Students have been working on Reading Strategies with skills such as annotating text, summarizing and paraphrasing, and Close Reading. We also started the Reformation with the role of the German Monk Martin Luther and his dissatisfaction with the Catholic church. Students will begin their first Pathway for Social Studies this year, the Reformation Pathway.

Tar Heel Science with Ms. Bova

We have just finished up the first half of our Earth science unit. Over the next couple of weeks, our scientists will practice being meteorologists. They will be learning how to interpret the information from weather maps in order to predict the weather ahead of us. We will also be storm chasers completing a research project on some of the most dangerous storms.

This is just a reminder that Ms. Bova will be out from 10/19-10/28. Students will still be held accountable for their work in my absence. Students will be completing an independent research project on severe weather. They will have the entire week to complete the project and it will be due on 11/1. Students will complete the project digitally. I will be sure to cover instructions, expectations and requirements for the project before I leave. The project will count as a formal grade for students. Resources for the project will be available to students through Google Classroom.

If you have any questions/conerns, as always please feel free to reach out to me at any time! elaril.bova@cms.k12.nc.us