There's a lot to Marriage

More to Marriage than you think


The fast- placed satire tells the story of a couple wanting to get married and there is a lot to Marriage that they don't understand. Takes place in a Romantic area and they both love each other to death. Will they get married? Will they understand every concept to getting married.
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Matt Jones: The main character that falls in love with Claire Dunn and he really wants to marry her. If he was to marry her, is there love relationship going to be more than kissing? Is it good? Bad?

Claire Dunn: The girl that is falling in love with Matt Jones and she sees nothing but perfection in him. She talks about Matt 24/7 and that's all she wants to do, is be with him. Will it all work out for them?

Bobby Dunn: Claire's brother who is best friends with Matt and he respects Matt like his own. He try's to convince Matt to marry Claire because she is a wonderful women. Is he going to convince him to be with his wonderful sister?