Bang! Bang!

Logan Jackson

Guns Violence in Chicago

The Father Antonio Browns' son was shot and killed but the bullet was meant for well known gang leader Antonio Brown. The killing of the 7 year old boy happened on the 6th of July but since then over 50 homicides have occurred and they all think the Antonio Brown who has been arrested 45 times has a part in the mad killings all over Chicago are gang related. But the police force have not gotten any information out of Brown but they have yet to bring 7 year old Amari Brown's killer to justice.
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Are gangs relative related?

On November 3rd a 20 year old Kaylyn scott was leaving her grandparents house and was shot and killed in Chicago. Everyone assumes it was gang related because of Amari Brown's homicide but no one is for sure if Kaylyn has any gang relatives or gangs are having a rivalry and trying to see who was better by killing innocent people.
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The death toll is high..

Chicago is America mass-shooting capital the death toll has risen to over 100,000 people per year. But no one is for sure how it's possible when the killings are so random but it's not shocking to a lot of residents they see a lot of things happen to people like gambling and getting involved with drugs. But America is worrisome for the terrors that roam the Chicago streets

Gangs are slowly ending Chicago..

About 100,000 of people who reside in Chicago are in a gang. So it's almost impossible to be stopped and everyone is trying to make it come to an end but no one knows if their is a serial killer running through the streets of Chicago ending lives or if gangs are running test to see which one is superior but Chicago police department are doing everything in their power to make end to gun violence in Chicago
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