Paper Staff Call 2/10/2017

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

First Class Flyers

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From the Tower...

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Head of School

"Over the next few months, in order to accomplish our academic goals, it is going to require a lot of work. The work will not be hard but there will be a ton of work to do."

"Remember the ONLY way we will learn to do the work is by:

Doing the WORK!"

Thank you team for being #ALLIN!

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Early Valentine's Day! XOXOXO


Here is the K7 flight plan for February 13 – 17th.

Special highlight on:

New Student Checks: HR teachers and Course teachers, we need you to check your new students for:

· Expected Progress Modified based on the progress tool

· Start and End Dates in expected progress settings are correct

· Course teachers – Needed lessons from semester 1 have been skipped

Once you have checked these things fill out this quick survey to confirm that you have attended to these tasks: I apologize if this seems tedious but I am still randomly finding new students who haven’t had some of these things taken care of. With the weekly income, I understand that some misses happen so let’s double check it to be sure we’ve got our students ready to succeed.

Be sure you have filled out this survey for me by February 15th.

***A DFA Clarification meeting will be held Thursday, February 16, at 2:30pm for K-7 teachers. A written communication on the expectations will be confirmed in this virtual meeting.***

Summit Course Information

We have a demo account! Please check your email for the demo account information so you can access the platform.

Review guide HERE

Training from can be found by searching for:

K12 Online Middle and High School Training Curriculum

Then go to:

-Getting Started in the Online Middle and High School

8-12 Grades

Here is your Flight Plan for next week.
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From the Testing Desk:

-Students' Testing Assignments have gone out, please have families check their K12 Email
- Is the Leap High Stack this year? Transition policies remain in place for this year as it did on last year.
-Working on the Leap Practice Test ( Coming Soon)
- LAA 1 Testing Started this week
-Test Violates of the Week: Viewing test content long enough to determine the essence a question or prompt • Looking the test booklet to determine if a student marked responses
- 3 Grade only: Paper Based: May 1st - May 5th
-4-8 Grade: Computer Based: April 3rd- April 6th and Science Paper Based: May 5th

Special Programs


Non-instructional staff that are within an hour of travel are expected to be onsite a minimum of 2 days per week. Please submit your schedule.

Pupil Appraisal and Related Services

· The new SER cover page is available. Attach the cover page to all reports disseminated after today.

504 Coordinators

· Please remember to send a parent invite (letter) to parents when scheduling 504/IAP review meetings.

· File the updated plan in the student’s file and ensure the correct information is reflected in the database.

IEP Facilitators

· Continue to use the IEP checklist to ensure all steps are followed. Attach the IEP check

· ALL Student IEP’s must have measurable Goals and at least two objectives


· Complete your IEP-at-a-Glance document for each new IEP

· All student folders/files should be up to date. This includes all missing documents with the exception of evaluations

· Continue collecting your ESY data and begin preparation to screen for eligibility


Here is a list of current FAST students.

Here are the current FAST metrics.

When you make referrals, please make sure that you have:

1) at least 3 contact attempts (ANY type of contact attempt from any of the student's teachers)

2) sent the FAST referral letter

3) Completed the Students First Teacher Compliance Referral Note template

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If you have a student in FAST, you should expect:

1) student contact at least bi-weekly by the FASL/FAST member assigned

2) current, up-to-date BOTs

3) invites to BOT meetings

4) movement through the tiers in an appropriate time frame

Please refer to TVS for notes about the student progress. FASLs/FAST members regularly make notes in TVS.

Please continue to reach out to the students that you have referred to FAST. The FAST team is working in conjunction with teachers to get students Back on Track.

Many of the students who enrolled in January have been referred to FAST and are now working with a FASL for extra support.

We realize some students may have been placed in your homerooms without a Welcome Call. Those students remained in FASL Strong Start rooms; however, we thought it best for the student and you to have the students placed in homerooms considering the time of year. All students at this point should have had a Welcome Call.

Over 93% of the new students attended orientation. Here is the information that they received during that orientation.

Thanks for all you do!

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Science standard changes look amazing. Also check out the integration for Middle School. Jara will be talking in Department Break out next Friday on the shifts that will be voted on by BESE in early March. Take a look at what people are talking about here. Be sure to check out the proposed standards and the public portal which have science teachers talking.

History you are going through some shifts as well. Make sure you guiding your historians in the right direction. Check them out here.


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