Robert Smith

Protect the people around you!!!

Roberts story

He grew up in a poor trailer park in Columbus, Ohio with his mother and 2 brothers. With barley enough money to put food on the table, Robert was working 12 hour days at the neighboring ranch making around $35. One day Robert just decided that he wanted to make a difference and help others out, and with no money to go to college he made the decision to join the military. Years later Robert was working harder and harder till he became the colonel. Leading all the other military troops to victory, Robert lost both of his legs in a helicopter crash. After months on end in the hospital he was released. Mostly everyone thought that he was done with the military but he had other plans. He stayed with it, helping out and protecting the people around him.

Roberts code

It doesn't matter how bad your hurting, take any chance you can to help and protect the people around you.

His special weapon

His courage and bravery is what defeats anything going against him.

Roberts personality

- caring

- brave

- courageous

Roberts song- Final Masquerade by Linkin Park

The song is sad but becomes more hopeful as it progresses which resembles Roberts life. It has to do with courage and sometimes not having a choice, and some days are better than others and Robert had a lot of rough times throughout his life but pulled through it all.
Linkin Park - Final Masquerade (Official Video)