Human Rights Violation

Sex Trafficking in the United States

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is the illegal movement of people for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation. Sex trafficking is important because it takes a lot of people's rights and most of them are taken away from their families. In sex trafficking some of the human rights that are being violated are: Article 3. Article 4, Article 5, Article 16, Article 19, and Article 26. Young girls and boys are affected by this. This is a huge problem because young girls and boys, but mostly girls, are forced to be prostitutes at a very young age.


One organization is in Nepal, India. It is called 3 Angels Nepal, they set up small checkpoints along the border to to intercept traffic. They booths have stopped an average of 12 girls being trafficked every day, and about 4,000 girls in the past few 3 years. Another is The Heartland Alliance, it provides social services, legal assistance, medical care, housing and outreach services. Also, the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, you can report a tip or request services.

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