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October 2021



A month down and dismissal seems to be going much better. Thank you for your patience as we make these new adjustments for the safety of all students. Remember that the south side is for car pick up, while the north is for walkers. We ask that if you park your car to walk up and pick up your students, that you do so on the public street, not in any apartment parking or neighbors' property.

We still need your help with arrival. Too many kids are arriving late. School starts at 7:50. Kids should be sitting at their desks ready for role call at 7:50. We are adjusting our supervision times. You may start dropping off your students at 7:35. They will all still walk through the back door by the cafeteria and be given the option to have breakfast. A healthy breakfast can set up kids to have a great start to their day.

Thank you to Title One, we will be having a family literacy night on November 5th through Zoom. Please be on the lookout for more information to come soon.

As the new principal, there are so many families for me to get to know. Your partnership is very important to me. Please do not be surprised to receive a phone call or in-person visit from me as I want to get to know what is important to you as a community. Feel free to reach out anytime by calling the office at 503-399-3193 or emailing romero_magda@salkeiz.k12.or.us.

Lastly, as we head into fall, we anticipate cooler weather. It is a good idea to have children prepared for rain or low temperatures. Dressing in layers is a good idea, but this is also when sweaters get left behind at recess. Let's hope we have very little lost and found.

Magda Romero

Proud Teacher Moment!

Cool Glocks
We are so proud to present Mr. Sexton's fifth grade class! Thanks to a generous donation given to our music teacher Doug Beisley. He was able to purchased xylophones for students to have tools for them all to learn about music.
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Salem-Keizer Public Schools is working to develop plans despite rapidly evolving data and shifting circumstances. We understand these plans will impact all of you, and we are committed to a thoughtful approach that is inclusive of students, parents, staff and the community.


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School board proclaims Hispanic Heritage Month Sept. 15-Oct. 15


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Reminders About Traffic Around Our School

It’s a new school year and a good time to share a few reminders about traffic around the school.

Students, parents, buses, staff and school neighbors all share the same travel routes through the neighborhood to and from the school. Peak travel times can create congestion and increase the need for safe and courteous travel practices.

Here are a few ways parents can help us create a safe, respectful and positive environment when driving near the school:

  • Please drive slowly. Remember, the speed limit in a school zone when lights are flashing is 20 miles per hour.
  • Please don’t park in neighbors’ driveways at any time, even if the driveway is open.
  • Don’t block streets, stop in intersections or crosswalks, and please obey crossing guards’ instructions.
  • Remind children to stop and look both ways before crossing streets, and to respect neighbors’ property – for example, don’t make shortcuts through neighbors’ yards.
  • When lining up to pick-up or drop-off students, leave at least three feet of space between your car and the nearest driveway opening.
  • Avoid lining up early for pick-up or drop-off to help minimize congestion.
  • Don’t drive in bus lanes, even if no buses are present.


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  • October 8: No school - Statewide Inservice Day
  • October 20-22: No School - Fall Conferences
  • October 31: Halloween 👻
  • November 5: Family Literay Night



As more students and staff return to in-person learning, face coverings are required when in a Salem-Keizer Public Schools building, with situational exceptions. All employees, students and visitors must continue to wear a face covering indoors, this includes sporting events.

All students, staff, volunteers and visitors are required to wear face coverings outdoors. This includes, but is not limited to: athletic events, outdoor PE, outdoor music, recess and arrival & dismissal. Until additional updates are provided, all physical distancing and other related requirements still apply.

Please send your student with an extra mask. If a student needs a face covering, the school has them available.

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For more information on face covering, please visit our site for more guidelines


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Thanks to the USDA’s Seamless Summer Option, we will be able to feed all students breakfast and lunch at school for free this year.

EDGE Student Meals

Breakfast and lunch can be picked up at your resident school daily from 8:00am to 8:45am in your cafeteria kitchen.


If a student doesn’t want the milk, that’s okay! A student does not have to take a milk if they do not take an entrée.

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Oregon families with children who are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals will get pandemic food benefits. This includes students that attend a school where all students eat meals at school for free, children in foster care, children of migrant workers and youth experiencing homelessness.


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As a Salem-Keizer Public School community, we have grown through some challenging times. We continue to have the opportunity to show up for each other. Pain is not always noticeable and someone experiencing emotional pain can often feel isolated. People who experience depression may appear angry, irritable, withdrawn, and/or quiet. If there is any concern, lean in, trust your instincts, and ask yourself, “is this behavior different for this person?” Your show of care and concern may help someone experiencing suicidal thoughts. Asking “are you thinking about suicide?” opens the door for a caring conversation about how someone might be hurting and how you might be able to support.


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We are excited to introduce ParentSquare, a new two-way communication platform that will streamline and improve communication with families and staff. It has the functions of both Remind and SchoolMessenger and will eventually replace both platforms. It also includes appointment scheduling options, which may be very helpful for conference sign ups.

It is very important that parents keep their contact information current.

Be sure to let your school office know if you have a new address, email or phone number.

The parent or guardian marked as the primary contact in the student information system will receive automated communication.

Messages will also be sent to the student’s home phone number contained in the database, if different from the primary contact phone number.


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Through the Oregon Health Plan, youth 19 years of age and younger have access to free health coverage, regardless of immigration status if they meet the income requirements.

More information, including income requirements and how to apply for coverage, is available online.



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