HPE Patriot Post

Harrison Parkway Elementary

December 1, 2017 Edition

Year-to-Date HPE attendance average is 97.04 %

HPE Expectation/Goal is 97%

Rotation Day 3

Upcoming Events at HPE


20th - Last day of school for students before Winter Break

21st - January 3rd - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL


4th - First day of school after Winter Break

15th - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

Holidays and Observances


7th - Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

12th - Hanukkah begins at sunset

21st - Winter Solstice

24th - Christmas Eve

25th - Christmas

26th - Kwanzaa begins

31st - New Year's Eve

Lunch Menus - Weeks of December 4th

Mon. - Day 4 - Chicken Tenders

Tues. - Day 5 - Cheese Omelet with Bacon

Wed. - Day 6 - Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Thurs. - Day 1 - Ravioli with Meat Sauce

Fri. - Day 2 - Potato Crunch Fish Bites with Macaroni & Cheese

**Daily alternate entrees: PBJ, Chef Salad, Pizza Pack or Turkey Sandwich

PTO Community Breakfast

We hope to see everyone at our annual Breakfast tomorrow, Saturday, December 2, from 8:00-10:30am. The Book Fair will be open during this time. More details on the Breakfast below!

Safety Drills

This morning we practiced a Lockdown Drill with students at HPE. During this drill we follow A.L.I.C.E. safety procedures and talk about the importance of students listening carefully to teachers and staff to know what to do and expect. Throughout the school year we practice other safety procedure drills such as fire drills, bus evacuation drills, and tornado/extreme weather drills. Please ask your child to share their learning from these important safety drills!

Math Bowl

WHO: Any 4th grader who is interested in learning new math concepts and competing in a math contest. A team will be selected using sample questions. Mrs. Bohlman and Miss Thomas will coach the team.

WHAT: M.A.T.H. (Math Academic Team for Hoosiers)-We call it Math Bowl!

WHEN: An Informational Meeting will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 19, from 8:00-8:45 a.m. Meetings will be every Tuesday and Wednesday morning beginning on January 9 until the competition. A list of meeting dates is on the back of this sheet.

The Math Bowl competition will be Thursday, February 22nd after school at one of our Intermediate schools. The past couple of years it has been held at Riverside Intermediate.

WHERE: Practices will be held in either Mrs. Bohlman’s or Miss Thomas's classrooms.

WHY: To have fun learning new math skills and to show our school spirit and math skills in a competitive setting.

HOW: Students who are up for the challenge will be invited to join the practice team. These students will receive a permission slip on Tuesday, Dec. 19. Participation at all practices is required if you want to be on the team. Attendance and completion of homework are a very important part of the placement process for the competition team. The competition team will be selected and announced prior to February 22nd. More information will be sent home after the team is selected. We are allowed to have up to twenty students to compete at the meet. If we have more members on our team, they can practice and learn right along with the rest of the team and are invited to cheer on our team at the meet.

Math Bowl Important Dates

Practices: 8-8:45 a.m. (Drop off at front door)

Tuesday, December 19-Informational Meeting

Tuesday, January 9

Wednesday, January 10

Tuesday, January 16

Wednesday, January 17

Tuesday, January 23

Wednesday, January 24

Tuesday, January 30

Wednesday, January 31

Tuesday, February 6

Wednesday, February 7

Tuesday, February 13

Wednesday, February 14

Tuesday, February 20 (Flex Day!)

Wednesday, February 21

M.A.T.H. Bowl: Thursday, February 22

Note: There will be no practice if we are on a 2-hour delay.

HPE Music News

Third Grade International Marketplace

December 14th, 6:30 PM

This involves the entire 3rd grade!

An evening of questions, discoveries, and music from around our world.

What will you experience?

What will you learn from your child and other third grade students?

HPE Art News

HPE Families,

Great news! You can still order beautiful products personalized with your child’s artwork through our SilverGraphics Art Fundraiser. If you missed the ordering deadline, or want to place additional orders, now’s your chance! Products will ship direct to you, with shipping fees added. Your order will continue to benefit our school.

To Place Your Order:

Go to: shop.silvergraphics.com

Enter your child’s Art ID# found on their Order Form. Want to order from different art? Click the option “Upload new art to this order” after you enter this year’s Art ID#.

To receive your products by Christmas, place your online order by December 7th!

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HPE Yearbooks

School yearbook order forms were sent home with your child this week. The yearbooks may be ordered by returning your completed form and check to Harrison Parkway, or by ordering online with a credit card. You may order online at www.YBPAY.Lifetouch.com. The online yearbook ID codes is: 8560318. Yearbook prices start at $16.00. The order deadline is Friday, March 2, 2018.

Counselor's Corner

I had the privilege of visiting the third grade classrooms this week and last week. I presented lessons on responsibility. We discussed how the children can be responsible students by having good study skills and work habits. Each student took a survey to rate their different study skills and work habits. Each classroom then got to play the game study skills Pictionary. I enjoyed visiting your child's classroom and look forward to visiting again soon!


Nancy Logue

HPE School Counselor

Nurse Notes - Health Helps and Tips

Just a reminder of some important health tips in keeping your students happy and healthy.

Fever: If your child has a fever > 100.0, they must stay home for 24 hrs fever free without use of fever reducing medicine.

Strep Throat: Signs/symptoms are a red, painful throat; headache; stomach ache; fever (sometimes); swollen/tender enlargement of the tonsils and/or presence of a slightly raised rash. The child must see the Dr and be placed on antibiotics for 24 hrs before returning to school.

Vomiting: Any student who has vomited due to illness must stay home from school and must be vomit free for 24 hrs before returning to school.

Eyes: Symptoms of pink eye usually begins with tearing, irritation and redness of the eye and inner eyelids. Children may awaken with sticky “matter” in the eye and the eyelashes stick together. Pink Eye is very contagious. Students are excluded from school and may return after 24 hrs of prescribed eye antibiotic drops.

Environmental allergies: are often confused with pink eye because of the red itchy eyes. Sometimes one or both eyes will be red, but without any sticky drainage present. Allergy medicines and/or allergy eye drops help with this condition. If your student suffers from allergies, please remember to give any allergy medications to minimize discomfort.

Recess: All students are expected to participate in recess each day. Students not able to partipate may bring a note from home or from their physician. School policy only allows a student to use a note from home for three days, after which the parent note must be replaced by a Dr’s note. Parents need to communicate any recess excuse to the nurse and the teacher.

Head Lice: Symptoms are itching of the scalp. White nits/eggs of the louse insect attach to the hair shaft most frequently at the nape of the neck and behind the ears. A shampoo treatment specifically for lice will generally kill most head lice. Manual nit removal and environmental clean up of the home by the parent is the key to successful head lice treatment. Please do not treat your child with the insecticide shampoo unless you are definite they have a case of lice. The shampoo is a chemical that can harm the skin if not needed. You may visit the CDC website for further information and guildlines regarding treatment of head lice. The website is: www/cdc.gov/lice/head/treatment.html

Head lice is not a reportable disease. Therefore, the school will not notify families of cases in the classroom nor will a student with lice be exempt from school attendance. HSE schools support protocols by the National Pediculosis Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the school nurse. 915-4210

Transportation Change During the Day

Parents, please be aware of a policy regarding a transportation change that occurs during the school day. As stated in the Harrison Parkway Student Handbook (page 9):

Occasionally, parents must make unplanned transportation changes during the school day. All telephone calls must be received by 2:00PM. This is to allow enough time to accurately deliver messages to teachers, as well as time to confirm the change if necessary. Please do not call the school after 2:00PM to make a transportation change except in the case of extreme emergencies.

Volunteering and the Background Check Process

Parents/visitors to HPE must have a background check on file with the school (including watching the anti-bullying video and completing the video survey) in order to volunteer in the school or to have lunch with a student. The link for the background check information can be found on link below at: http://www.hse.k12.in.us/ADM/parents/volunteering.aspx

The background checks are conducted by a 3rd party company, and there is a $13.00 fee for processing (payable online at the time of the application). Once completed, approved background checks are valid for a period of 3 years. Applicants will be notified via email when their background check has been completed and they will also notify people 30 days before their background check expires.

Attendance Line Voicemail

If your child will be absent from school, please call the HPE Attendance Line by 9:00 a.m. at 915-4210. If you know in advance that your child will be absent, you may call the attendance line's voicemail anytime and leave a message. If you know your student will be absent for more than two school days for any reason other than illness, we ask that you complete a Prearranged Absence Form (available in the HPE office) at least one week prior to the absence. If you notify your child's teacher of an absence via email, you still need to contact the office (by phone or email) to ensure that attendance is marked appropriately.

Student attendance at HPE is vitally important. Please make every attempt possible to plan appointments and vacations outside of school hours. Regular attendance improves student performance and is expected as an integral part of our state mandated School Improvement Plan.

A Note from the Nurse

Accidents happen during the day such as bloody noses, toileting issues, muddy puddles at recess, food/milk spilling at lunch, etc.... The clinic has a limited supply of clothes, so please pack an extra change of clothes (socks and underwear too!) in your child's backpack for the unexpected mishaps. If I do not have anything that fits your child, you will be receiving a call for a change of clothes to be brought to school, since your child cannot return to class or ride the bus home with soiled or wet clothes. Thank you for your support!

HPE Cafeteria News

Please see the attached flyer for our menu and each day students who purchase a Meal Deal will receive a free treat! Students not getting a lunch may purchase the treat for $1.00.

Any treats that contain allergens for students who have food allergies that are flagged will receive a fruit sidekick as an alternative.

As a reminder, please make sure your child's lunch account is current with funds. I send out email notices thru Skyward and you may sign up in Skyward to receive alerts as well.

When sending in money, please put the money/check in an envelope with your child's name, student ID number and teacher to assure funds are put in the correct account. No nicknames, please.

All lunches include an entree, milk, two vegetables if desired as well one fruit. This is a Meal Deal. Lunch entrees are the hot lunch, Chef Salad, turkey and cheese sandwich, pizza pack or PBJ sandwich. Lunch menus along with nutrition information can be found on the website for HPE under the Food Service tab.

In the event of a two hour delay breakfast will not be served.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Esther Berling
Café Manager
Harrison Parkway Elementary
317-915-4210 X1788

Lost & Found

Harrison Parkway Elementary has a Lost & Found located outside of the Music Room for any lost items. At the end of each month, we will be donating any leftover items to charities that serve people in need.

PTO News

Contact the PTO: HPEptoVolunteer@gmail.com

So Much More than Pancakes

HPE’s favorite tradition returns tomorrow, December 2nd with a new menu and a new name. Stop by the school cafeteria for the HPE Community Breakfast from 8-10:30am and find out what the PTO has been cooking up to make this event even better.

Tickets are $7 at the door; children 2 and under are free and as with “Pancake Breakfast,” all money from the HPE Community Breakfast will benefit the Harrison Parkway Elementary library.

If you’d like to plan your visit to see a specific teacher, check https://goo.gl/P5sYkC for when they each plan to attend.

Check Off Their List

Book Fair week continues during the Community Breakfast tomorrow morning. Your child visited with their class this week and made a wish list; come by, have some pancakes, and let them show you the cool books they found! All money raised goes to the HPE library.

We are very shorthanded on volunteers. Please give an hour at the Book Fair before or after your family comes to eat and help raise money for the library. http://signup.com/go/RfCEFpq

Texas Roadhouse gift card orders are due by the end of the day today.


We’d like to take some time during the holiday season to remind our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them with cookies! Cookie Week is December 11-14. Please pick a day to send in a dozen. http://signup.com/go/SXvnvDe

Class Parties are Wednesday, December 20th from 1:30-2:30. If you’d like to help out in your child’s classroom, email us and we will put you in touch with the room parents for that class. I’m sure they would appreciate the help!

Smile While Shopping

If you shop on Amazon or at Kroger, check out these completely free and zero effort ways to raise money for the HPE PTO. The prices are the same, the service is the same, you shop the same way, but a portion of the purchase price will be donated to the PTO, that’s it!

  1. On Amazon, just go to smile.amazon.com/ch/20-0114174 to link your account to the PTO and then check out using smile.amazon.com everytime--you cannot access this through an app so fill up your cart and then open a browser to check out or shop directly on smile.amazon.com

  2. For Kroger, login to your online account or create one using the Kroger Plus Card number you already have or get a new one. Then go to www.kroger.com/communityrewards and enroll in Community Rewards. Search for “89638” and select “HARRISON PARKWAY ELEMENTARY - PTO # 89638.” Then scan your Kroger Plus Card or enter your alternative ID every time you check out just like you always have.

No Frills

Do you want to donate to the PTO without buying or selling anything? Our No Frills Fundraiser is just that. Please send your tax deductible donation to the "HPE PTO" before the end of 2017. If you would like a receipt, please include a note with your name and your child's name and teacher.


Mark your calendars, After School Explorers is February 13-16. A request for volunteers was sent home recently. ASE Classes fill up quickly but enrollment opens early for children of volunteers. Email us for more information.

Our next PTO meeting is Tuesday, February 13th at 6:30 in the school cafeteria.

Check the HPE PTO Sign Up Page for all current volunteer opportunities! http://signup.com/go/zytTyP

After School Explorers

After School Explorers Needs Your Help!

What is After School Explorers? This amazing event allows the HPE kids to try their hand at and learn about a wide-ranging number of topics and activities. The event includes more than 10 classes held for an hour each day after school. Classes to choose from have included jewelry making, animal ownership, running, and basketball to name just a few. ASE will be held this year from Tuesday, February 13 through Friday, February 16.

Though February seems like a long time away and no one wants to be rushed into winter, the ASE committee has already started planning. This event needs your support to be successful! We need instructors to teach classes – either a topic of your choosing or choose from one of many we have included in the past. We also need volunteers – to babysit instructors’ kids, to assist instructors in their classes, and to help set up the event each day.

A volunteer form has been sent home with your children and is also included in this week’s post. If you are interested in participating, please fill out and send back with your child. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Kate Ziino athpe.explorers@gmail.com.


Please see the sections below for more information about activities in our school district and community.

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Hamilton East Public Library

Please click here to get more information about programs offered at the public library.

Fishers Parks & Recreation

Please click here to get more information about programs through the Parks & Rec Dept.

S.P.O.R.T.S. News

Please click here to learn more about athletic programs offered through SPORTS.