By: Marie Lu


Legend is apart of a trilogy about a girl, June Iparis, and a boy, Day. June is the Republic's prodigy. Day is a criminal. One fateful night June's brother was allegedly killed by Day. June's first mission as an agent is to find Day and turn him over to the Republic. Legend is action packed and dramatic and will always keep you on your toes.

June Iparis

June is a 15 year old and the republic's prodigy. Meaning she is the only person to score a 1500 on her trials. Which is a 100%. June is taken care of by her brother due to the death of her parents. After her brother Metias was killed June becomes an agent to hunt down the alleged killer.



Day is a 15 year old criminal. The Colonies, who are at war with the Republic, are always trying to recruit him. Due to the fact that he can get away with almost every crime he has committed. Day doesn't kill when he commits these crimes. But that one fateful night Day is framed for a murder. He has to run and avoid the Republic.

Setting Of Legend

Legend is set to be in the United States but with one small twist. The states and cities are all the same but the Republic is set up into sectors.

Reviews for Legend

  • "Marie Lu's dystopian novel is a Legend in the making."--USA Today

  • "Taut and exciting."--The Los Angeles TImes

Legend doesn’t merely survive the hype, it deserves it.”


About Marie Lu

Marie was born in China in 1984. before she was a full-time writer she was an Art Director at a video game company. Marie has always had a special love for writing young-adult novels and Dystopian society. She graduated from the University of Southern California and currently lives in LA.

Why I recommend Legend

Legend is set out from any other book because it isn't just one genre. It has some mystery, a little action, and even a bit of romance. Another thing is that the story is told from both perspectives of the characters. Every other chapter is Day then June. When you read the book you can tell everything that's going though their head. Every thought and worry they have the readers know about. The best part is that it's a trilogy so when you finish Legend you can go on to Prodigy and Champion.