Patriot Pride

April/May, Volume 1, Issue 4

Principal's Corner

Proud Patriot Families,

It is hard to believe that the 2022-2023 school year is coming to an end. As we come to the close of the school year, there are many important things happening. We will be celebrating our students hard work and accomplishments during our award ceremonies at the end of April. Please be on the lookout for the flyer and announcements with dates and times as tickets will be needed for entry to these events.

We will also be preparing for Kindergarten Round-up. If you know of someone who has a child who will be entering Kindergarten, and is zoned for Carlton Palmore Elementary, please share the information with them. We will register incoming kindergarten students between April 3rd and April 28th. On April 28th from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, we will host a meet and greet for incoming kindergarten students. This will give our new Proud Patriots a chance to meet the kindergarten teachers as well as tour the school. We are looking forward to welcoming all our little new patriots!

Finally, our final round of FAST testing will be taking place throughout the months of April and May. Kindergarten through second grade will test in April. Third through Fifth grade will test in May. The dates for these assessments are included in the Upcoming Events section. Please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest the night before their test and begins their morning with a good breakfast. Also, don’t forget to send them off to school with a “you’ve got this,” and a big hug.

Summer will be here before you know it! Please encourage your child to continue reading throughout the summer months. Visit the public library as a family and spend time each night reading. We hope that you enjoy your time together and cannot wait to welcome you with open arms in August.


Mrs. Dardis

Grade Level News:


Wow! It is hard to believe our little kindergarten students are almost ready for First Grade. They have grown so much this year and have become much more independent academically and socially. In reading, they have mastered the basics of letter names and sounds and now we are learning that some letters can make more than one sound (long vowels and short vowels) while others have partners that help them form a single sound (sh, ch, th, and wh). You can help your child improve their reading skills by studying their word families and sight words daily. Please continue to read with your child daily. The more students practice these skills, the better readers they will become. In math, we are learning about numbers 0-100. We can count forwards and backwards and by ones, fives, and tens to 100. By the end of the year, we will explore measurement (length, height, weight, and size). We end our year in science by exploring living and nonliving things. Some of our fun investigations include worms, butterflies, frogs, bees, and plants.

1st Grade:

Wow! This year has flown by! First grade will continue working hard for the last nine weeks of school. In reading, students are learning about r-controlled vowels, vowel teams, and multiple meaning words. They will continue to learn about story elements, such as characters, settings, and events in the story. They will also identify the topic and details in a nonfiction story. In math, first grade is learning about measurement. They will measure objects in inches and centimeters, learn to tell time to the hour and half hour, and learn the value of coins and bills. We will end the year learning to collect and interpret data as well as partitioning shapes into equal parts. In science, first graders will learn about living things and habitats. We have a fun habitat project where students will create a habitat of an animal using shoe boxes. Look for details in May and save a shoe box if you can! Students should be reading every night and practicing sight words to build reading fluency. We are so excited to end the year with a field trip to the Florida Children’s Museum on May 17th! Thank you for all your support this year and for the fun-filled memories!

2nd Grade News:

In Quarter 4, second grade scientists will be learning how to distinguish different human body parts (brain, heart, lungs, stomach, muscles, and skeleton) and their basic functions that keep them alive and help them grow. We will also be discussing life cycles of plants and animals. They will learn how to describe the major stages of life of a bean plant including the seed stage, germination, the development of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and how it reproduces. In addition, they will learn about the metamorphosis of a butterfly from an egg, to the pupa stage (chrysalis), to an emerging butterfly. After that, we will discuss the interdependence of animals and plants and how we synergize together to stay alive!

In reading, students will continue learning how non-text features such as titles, captions, photographs, illustrations, or timelines help guide the reader so that they understand the new topic. We will continue analyzing the story to determine the author’s specific purpose of writing that story. Is the author trying to persuade, entertain, or inform the reader? Does the author have an opinion or a different perspective about that topic that they are trying to help us understand? The students will be introduced to drama and using dialogue with reader’s theater. Students will be learning more about poetry that uses figurative language like similes, metaphors, rhyme, and rhythm to help the reader “feel” the words.

In math, second graders will be immersed in learning how to collect data and place it into categories and then represent that data on different types of graphs. They will use tally marks, pictographs, circle graphs and bar graphs. As they are creating their own authentic graphs, they will be required to use appropriate titles, labels, and units. We have been using technology called Boom Cards and Nearpod to make learning fun! Both pieces of software give the students immediate reinforcement and let them know if they are correct or need to retry. In addition, we will be reviewing geometric shapes including two- and three-dimensional objects. Third, the students will be required to solve multistep real-world addition and subtraction problems involving dollar bills and combinations of coins to make a specific amount. The last topic we will study before the end of the year will be how to read time on both analog and digital clocks. Because third grade is right around the corner, we are introducing multiplication to the students so that they will be ready to move on as math wizards!

3rd Grade News:

Greetings from Third Grade! Can you believe we are already coming to the end of the school year? Our students will be taking their last FAST assessment for the school year the first week in May. Our third graders have been working hard in Math learning to solve one to two step real world problems involving elapsed time, as well as practicing methods on how to multiply and divide whole numbers from 0 to 12. Be sure to continue having your students practice those multiplication facts at home daily. The more practice they have, the more confident and comfortable they will become. In Reading we are really starting to grasp author’s purpose, finding the central idea, character perspectives and how a character develops throughout a story. In the upcoming weeks, we will be reviewing and prepping to take that final FAST assessment. Please check our weekly newsletter, make sure to have your student read 20 min daily to help earn those AR points, and sign their agenda daily.

4th Grade News:

4th grade students have been busy learning and prepping for our last FAST test of the school year! They are working so hard and we are all extremely proud of them! Please make sure you encourage all you can before any major test. It is important that they know you are supporting them and are proud of them J. In Science, we are learning about the forms of energy and then we get to start our science research! We have been spiraling through our ELA benchmarks and are bringing in more higher order activities to help students lock in those concepts. In Math, we started our final units before we start spiraling back through all 4th grade benchmarks. During these units, students are learning all about geometry and measurement. Start bringing in some real world examples by asking your child what kind of lines and/or shapes they see as you are walking outside or riding in the car or have them help you measure some things around your house. They have also been doing a great job with their 40-Day FAST countdown. This countdown is a review of the benchmarks to prep for our ELA test. As always, please continue to have your child practice their math facts and read each night. This is imperative to their learning and will be a tremendous help.

5th Grade News:

Hello from 5th grade! As, we enter the last nine weeks, we will be working hard to learn as much as we can and prepare for the upcoming end of the year testing. This school year is flying by!

In math, we just finished converting units of measurement, both customary and metric. We are working with line graphing and interpreting data on a line graph. Next, we will be moving on to algebraic reasoning. We complete a daily spiral review in class to practice all previous standards taught. Please continue to encourage your student to keep practicing those multiplication facts, which are necessary to ensure success with most math skills/standards.

Science has been amazing! We are studying the human body and the function of the organs. Students researched all the major organs and created life size human body models, which are on display in our classrooms. Next, we will begin to compare and contrast the human body to plants and animals. Then we will be learning about adaptations and environmental changes.

We continue to practice our comprehension and vocabulary skills in reading. The focus has been comparing overall text structures, multiple main ideas, theme, analyzing author’s perspective and author’s point of view. Fifth grade has been diligently working to meet our weekly and quarterly AR goals. Please keep encouraging your student to read nightly and to take those AR test to earn points and meet those individual AR goals.

As always, be sure to continue to check your class Dojo page and/or weekly newsletters to stay informed on everything that is happening in 5th grade.

Academic Coaches Corner

Hi CPE Families! Our students have been diligently preparing all year for testing, and now the final testing season has arrived! Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders have been busy practicing test taking strategies to support them during testing. You can support your child too! J Use the list below to practice test prep at home. As students continue to prepare in the classroom, any extra practice at home can greatly support you’re their progress! Thank you for your support.

1. Listen carefully to oral directions.

2. Read the question for understanding.

3. Reread the question for clarity.

4. Determine if the question is asking for just one answer choice or multiple answers.

5. Use the online tools wisely to help you answer the questions. For example, use the highlight feature to highlight the key words and important parts in the question or highlight in parts of the passages to show where you found your answer.

6. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before the test and eat a good breakfast.

7. Relax and DO YOUR BEST!

Art Update

Hello from the art world!

We are wrapping up a wonderful year of fun and creativity! During the fourth nine weeks, students are applying all of the Elements and Principles of Art they have learned about throughout the school year. All projects will be sent home during the last few weeks of school, so keep an eye out for some amazing art. We are currently waiting to hear back from the Polk Museum of Art to see which students in 3rd-5th grade will have their artwork accepted to the museum. It is a great honor to be selected. I will contact parents and families as soon as I know which students have been picked. Finally, 5th grade’s Kid’s Tag Art is available for purchase on Please go check out your child’s work. All proceeds go back into the art fund for Carlton Palmore Elementary.

Media Center News

The end of the year is quickly approaching and so is our deadline to reach our AR goal! You can ask your child how many points they have on AR and if they are on track to meet their personal goal. Our school-wide goal is 21,000 points and we are making our way there with over 10,000 earned so far. There will be a special AR field trip at the end of May for students who have met the grade-wide goals. Students will recieve a permission slip and inviation closer to the event date.

Thank you so much for your support for our Spring Book Fair. We were able to raise money for student incentives and AR rewards. We are hoping to save up for a book vending machine! We will have another book far in the fall during the back-to-school season.

The last week to return and checkout out library books is April 24th - April 28th. Due to state testing and inventory deadlines we will need time to clean and organize the library for next year. Any overdue or lost books can continue to be turned in to Mrs. Gramza. If you find any missing books over the summer please bring them back for next school year. Have a happy and healthy summer, and as Mrs. Dardis always says "Pick up a good book and read!"

January/February Student Leaders of the Month


Gloster/Jakubik - Anthony Kay, Remington Hawkins

Roberts - Isabel Silverio


Ms. Cabrera - Mia Burton, Elsa Stork

Ms. Castor - Krymsyn Peck, Marlee Friday

Mrs. DeBourg - Aiyana Benton, Noah Elrod

Mrs. Horton - Prince Ward, Bristol Peck

1st Grade:

Ms. Arnold - Mykel Walker, Mia Hidalgo

Ms. Delisle - Melany Fabregas, Brayan Pu-Matazar

Mrs. Spong - Emilee Konopnicki, Christopher Muracsaint

Mrs. Steele - Zoie Pearce, Harmony Durant

2nd Grade:

Mrs. Bing - Owen Rodriguez, Bryana Williams

Ms. Grant - Colton Lewis

Ms. White - Emalee Cox, Brooklyn Donahue

Mrs. Portillo - Jocelyn Lynch, Jayden Sanchez

3rd Grade:

Mrs. Beardsley - Legend Romeus, Cameron Estes-Poti

Ms. Pierce - Lilly Jenkins, Sofia Key

Mrs. Marsland - Ja'Dayaha Kelly, Hunter Hidalgo

Ms. Roper - Carl Crawford, Sarina Azmin

4th Grade:

Mrs. Maldonado/Ms. Gardner - Baylee Watkins, Patrick Bonacic Cullen, Marynel Cortes, Brandt Judino

Mrs. Murphy/Ms. Lockhart - Wesley Baldick, Makaila Wade, Kendra Wheeler, Chance McGill

5th Grade:

Mrs. Hollingsworth - Natilee Blackwell

Mrs. Lunsford - Javieon Fudge, Mah'Ki Wilson-Evans

Ms. Rivera- Payton Clark, Keira Hinkley


Ms. Hill - Jayden Mulazalim, Keziah Alfred

Mrs. Weaver - Cassidy Bleu Wright McMillan

Mrs. Zimmerman - Da'Ceion SKanes

Leader in Me 7 Habits Spotlight

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

Sharpen the saw means to have balance in your life. There is a story of a man who was sawing down a tree and not making a lot of progress. When a passerby asked him why he didn't stop sawing to sharpen his saw, he remarked that he was too busy sawing. Habit 7 reminds us that we are more productive when we are in balance - body, brain, heart, and soul. Just like four tires on a car, if one area is being ignored or overused, the rest will feel the results. For young children, the car analogy is one they understand; a car could not go on fewer than four tires. Explain the four parts of each person (body, brain, heart, and soul) and how important it is to take care of each part to make them all work better.

Some activities to help all ages sharpen the saw are:

1. Join a gym or start a regular exercise program with your child.

2. Pick an organization to volunteer with for your and your child(ren).

3. Visit a new museium or try a new type of food - expand your horizons and try new things.

Big picture
Big picture

Upcoming Events:


3rd - 7th - National Assistant Principal's Week

4th - National School Librarian Appreciation Day

5th - Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

7th - Holiday - No school

14th - $2 dress down for students

17th - 21st - National Volunteer Recognition Week

19th - SAC Meeting 8:30 am

20th - Family Dance 70's Theme 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

21st - Electronic Interims Distributed

26th - National Secretaries Appreciation Day

24th - 28th - End of the Year Awards - More information to come

28th - Student Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm


1st - National School Principals Day

1st - 5th - Teacher Appreciation Week

5th - $2 dress down for students

1st - 3rd Grade FAST Reading Assessment

2nd - 4th & 5th Grade FAST Reading Assessment

3rd - 3rd Grade FAST Math Assessment

4th - 4th & 5th Grade FAST Math Assessment

5th - Cafeteria Appreciation Day

6th - National School Nurse Day

8th - 5th Grade Statewide Science Assessment Session 1

9th - 5th Grade Statewide Science Assessment Session 2

11th - PE, Art, Music Showcase 6:00 - 7:30

18th - National Speech Pathologist Day

21st - National Picnic Day - Bring a blanket/towel, Free Dress $1

22nd - Volunteer End of the Year Appreciation Breakfast 9:30 am

26th - 4th Quarter PBIS Reward - Dance Party

29th - Holiday - No School

31st - Electronic Report Cards, Last day of School, Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm