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Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103 - May 13, 2020

D103 Update on Remote Learning

Good Afternoon,

As we approach the final few weeks of the school year we would like to let you know that we are finishing strong and already looking toward next fall! Before the end of the school year the district will distribute a final Remote Learning Survey to aid in the development of future remote learning plans. As a reminder May 15 and May 29 are Remote Learning Planning Days for teachers. Daily assignment emails will not be sent for those days.


Some of you may not be aware that every year District 103 teachers begin the year articulating with the teachers from the grade level above and below them. The teachers’ conversations focus on curriculum, assessment data and specific students strengths and needs. This year, those conversations will take place earlier than normal and will be especially important as we begin to plan for fall instruction. Additionally, eighth-grade teachers have already begun articulating with the teachers at Stevenson High School to ease the transition for students into high school courses.

Report Cards

Report cards will be completed for the third trimester and available to parents electronically on May 29, 2020. The following guidance has been sent to all certified staff.

  • Grading should focus on the continuation of learning and prioritize the connectedness and care for students.

  • Students’ grades should not be negatively impacted during the period of Remote Learning. A student’s final trimester mark cannot be lower than the mark given to standards assessed in Trimester 1 and Trimester 2.

  • Standards that were not assessed will be given a mark of N/A.

  • Social Emotional Learning standards and Learner Characteristics will be given a mark of “Not Assessed” (N/A).

  • The district will provide a statement for each teacher to use in the comment box regarding COVID-19 and Remote Learning.

  • (Grades 6-8 ONLY) If a standard is being introduced for the first time in the third trimester:

    • If the student has completed assignments a progress indicator should be entered into PowerSchool Learning, even if the indicator is beginning or approaching.

    • If a student has not completed any work enter an N/A.

Video Conferencing

Beginning the week of May 4, it became an expectation that all certified staff offer at least one video conference a week. We understand this new expectation led to some frustration this week as the number of zoom meetings increased and some of those meetings met the 100 participant capacity. Please be patient as we learn and refine our scheduling process for future events. The expectations provided to staff are below.

  • One synchronous web conferencing meeting per week, using Zoom. Hosting a Zoom meeting can replace a daily video.

    • Zoom meetings should not last longer than 30 minutes.

    • The intent of the meeting should be more than a general “check-in” class meeting, question and answer.

Thank you for continuing to work with us as we navigate these very different times for everyone. Stay safe and healthy.


The Administrative Team


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