National D.E.A.R. Day

Drop Everything And Read

Drop Everything And Read

D.E.A.R. is here again!

National Library Day is just around the corner! Libraries have thousands of books and magazines on any topic or type of story that you could want to read. Libraries are changing too! Activities like Book Clubs, computer games, coding clubs, volunteering, and even Maker Spaces are out there! Databases, ebooks, audiobooks, board games and comfy furniture are happening in libraries across Canada. There is something for everyone in your local library!

To celebrate all the great things you can find and do in your local library, many schools across Canada are putting aside time to read. Acadia Junior High is registered to join the thousands of schools that will drop everything and read together on October 26th. Don't miss out! Hurry grab some books!


Monday, Oct. 26th, 11am

Acadia Junior High

Be Prepared! Carry your Books!