Battle of Neuve Chapelle

Katie Linam and Maddy Jackson

The battle

he Battle of Neuve Chapelle began on March 10, 1915, at 8:05 a.m., when British forces attempted to break through the German trenches at Neuve Chapelle and capture the village of Aubers, less than a mile to the east. In the opening assault, 342 guns barraged the trenches for 35 minutes, partially directed by 85 reconnaissance aircraft flying overhead. The total number of shells fired during this barrage exceeded the number fired in the whole of the Boer War (a conflict fought in South Africa between British forces and South African revolutionaries in 1899-1902)—a frightening testament to how much the nature of war had changed in less than 15 years.
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neuve Chapelle memorial

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Neuve Chapelle is near France and close to Paris so you could go see the Elfie tower, nice beaches, and amazing food and the Grande Roue de Paris.

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In France they have short stay apartments ranging from $10 to $1,000.

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