Hurricane Help

By: Clara

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a huge natural disaster that starts in the water and can spread to land. This happens when the water heats an the air moves in a circular motion. Hurricanes can flood land because so much water gets on it. Tornadoes can cause hurricanes because when there is a tornado the wind speed gets so high that it can carry into the ocean. Most hurricanes happen when you are near water. Not lakes or ponds but oceans. If you live by a beach that is very dangerous.

Impacts from Hurricanes

Some environmental impacts from a hurricanes are land that is ruined, there are high winds, and lots of rainfall. the land is getting destroyed by to much water, which means no fresh air and agriculture.

Some human impacts from hurricanes are that peoples homes are getting carried away, cars are getting taken away, and there are many buildings that are getting destroyed.People can even die from drowning from all of the rain.

Five things that will help you be safe during a hurricane are get on higher ground, turn off electricity, stay away from windows, don't go outside, and stay inside.

Some really bad damage after hurricanes

Our Business

We have seen a lot of damage after hurricanes so we made a donation event. At this event you can go and donate canned food, clothing (jackets, shirts, pants). All of these donations go to people that have really bad damage because of hurricanes. Most people don't have houses or cars so we are going to help them. We don't just give them the stuff that you donate we also donate too. You can go to our website and it will tell you our address so you can send the stuff to us. You can also just come to the event. If you go on our website or come to the event and donate 5 or more things you will receive a "thank you package." This will give you a bunch of goodies for a thank you for donating.

Hurricane Matthew reaches Florida's coast